Marijuana Grow Journal – Casey Jones – 7 kg Harvest


Casey Jones grow journal

Strain: 50 x Casey Jones
Lights: 5 x 1000 watt HPS
Size: 17 x 4 feet
Pots: 10 x 63 gallon
Medium: soil
Yield: 7 kilo
Grower: Polletje














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17 thoughts on “Marijuana Grow Journal – Casey Jones – 7 kg Harvest

  1. How long did you veg these plants, how tall where they when you harvested , and 17×4 ft is this the length and width of the grow room? Thank you and good growing this is very nice :)

  2. Hi Derrick,

    These plants vegetated for 12 days and 17×4 is the size of the grow room. It took three months in total from seed to harvest.

    Are you growing any at this time?


    • Hey Robert ! Thanks for replying. Yeah I’m growing a little I’m a beginner, but I’ve studied 2yrs prior to 1st grow and I’m working with an experienced grower. I liked this setup and is thinking about using it with a dwc made out of vinyl fencing post with 50 sites instead of soil. Would like any info you could add to help me out and would I get the same 7 kilo yield or more. Looking forward to hearing from you Robert thanks. ( how tall should I let these plants get from start to finish)

  3. hi sir …
    my seed is germinated & my germination room is perfect but my germinated seeds with 2 leaves stup at that figure & don’t move to up & develop her branches or leaves …
    now Plz Plz Plz tell me what shoud i do …

  4. hi to Robert … God bless you sir ….
    my room space 2*1.30*2 meter .
    my room temp is 26 C & i think humidity is between 40 – 60% .
    my soil is the best ,coco coir whit perlit .
    2 lamp 400W MH with white light .
    i use a cooler due to we living in Iran & now is middle of summer .
    i use a fan too with 450 M3 outlet .
    whit that all ,my seed is germinated & dont move up ,so they have 2 leaves & not grow :( my problem is : i dont have change ,they,re not grow & not die .
    so sir Plz Plz PLZ HELP me what should i do :(

    • Hi Cyrous,

      Conditions sounds great but the light might be a little too much for a seedling. I always put my seedlings under a 36watt fluorescent light. At what distance are the lights from the plants? And the soil should be moist, not too wet. Can you email a picture?


  5. hi to Robert … thanks for your respond .
    yah i can sent u my germination room & whatever do u want …
    but van u give me your Email ….
    height light from the plant is 50-60 CM ….
    do u think a warm wheater is my problem Robert ??!!
    so i’m wait to your Mail address …

  6. hey Robert ….
    God bless u boy ….
    Robert i sent u everythig u said to this email : , due to that above email not responding a didn’t sent ,,,
    Plz Plz PLz tell me what should i do with that situation …
    Tnx tnx & God protect u sir !!..

  7. nice harvest maybe u can help me :)

    Hey starting a small farming and never grown with led lights or auto seeds before.

    So I thought some questions to you experts out there
    Hope you can help me a little on the way.
    I have read pages in and out on the forum and they all say different.
    maybe I can get more understanding of things here takes a few questions at a time.

    1 auto seeds which is the best on the market and which gives the best yield?

    2 grow in a tent 240cm X 240cm X 200cm should have led lights on 1200w wondering if I need 2-3?

    3 How many plants can I get into the tent and the size of the pots should I have on auto seeds?

    4 how do you run the light 24-0 20-4 18-6 12-12?

    5 should run fast auto seeds or a little longer? what is the difference? 8 weeks old and under or 8 weeks and over?

    will write and show pictures in the forum during the time when I grow until it is time to harvest.

    So want to get out as much as possible in the best way with led lights and auto seeds.
    Ideally, as quickly as possible too

    best regards

  8. 7 kilos is 247 oz. From 68 sq feet!!? That’s just under 4oz per sq foot! And I thought 1.5oz per sq foot was remarkable

  9. That’s a great grow, although 5kw seems overkill.

    I bet you could get the same yield in the same space with 2k of LEDs.

    ┬┐Care to run a test with everything the same except for illumination, testing for the difference between HPS high wattage and economical LEDs?

    And…also say how much each system consumed in power?

    I’d love it if this question was settled.

  10. Hello my name is Meghean. I have a few questions if you dont mind.
    How are you watering your plants is it from the bottom. I have six plants under 1-1000 watt Hps, 2- 600 watt Hps, and about 3000 watt of flourescent is that enough light.

  11. Excellent work. I noticed you hard stressed trained in week 2 of flower. Is there a cutoff day for this? I just started week 4 of my scrog and have a little undergrowth being covered by fan leaves. How far into flower can you stress like that? Was that a 90 degree bend in week 2?

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