Marijuana grow journal – K2

I love marijuana K2

Marijuana K2 grow journal

Strain: 150 x K2 clones
Lights: 6 x 600 watt HPS
Air: 3250m3 outlet, 2000m3 inlet 3250m3 carbon filter
Medium: 30 x Cocos slabs, Canna GOGR
Yield: 3412 grams (120 oz)
Grower: Zeldzame










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One thought on “Marijuana grow journal – K2

  1. robert great grows bro, why does it seen the yeilds are higher in coco verses hydro? and seem to grow quicker.
    I see the slads, what vessel are they sitting in, or is there a system that can be bought or made to “copy” ur system.
    thank you,

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