Marijuana nutrient deficiency – Sulfur

I love marijuana sulfur deficiency

Sulfur deficiency

Is it common for marijuana plants?

Deficiency in S rarely occurs.

The symptoms

When a plant suffers from a deficiency in S the first signs are the yellowing of the young leaves. The growth of the leaves is slow. This is why the leaves become more narrow and brittle than usual. Also the leaves are smaller and mutated. Of all of the tops of the flowering plants the buds die. The growth in general is stunted. In some cases the deficiency shows red and orange tints instead of yellow.  The veins of the growing shoots turn yellow with dead areas at the base of the leaf (where the blades join), in the more severe cases of the deficiency. Another symptoms involve the stems. These become thin, hard and sometimes woody. The length increases but not in diameter.

Too much of S causes the plant and leaf size to stunt. Also the leaves look dead at the tips and look brown. Excess of S looks the same as salt damage. It shows dark color damage and restricted growth. Excess of S is also very rare.


The mobility

S moves slowly in the plant, just like Fe. The absorption of S is harder for the plant under warm circumstances. A difference between Fe and S is that S is evenly distributed throughout the plant (mainly in the big fan leaves). At the back of the leaves this deficiency starts. Then it creeps towards the middle.

Role in the nutrition of the plant

This nutrient is essential during the vegetative growth. It also has an important role in plant proteins, the supply of chlorophyll and growth of the roots.

Solving the problem

Inorganic fertilizers and organic soils both contain high levels of available S. This is why it is not likely for the plant to suffer from a lack of S. However when this deficiency occurs it is easily solved. Use Epsom salts (MgSO4) to solve this deficiency. Make sure you water the plant with these salts until you see improvement of the condition. Use one or two tablespoons of the salts per gallon of water. Apply both filially and to the irrigation water. To fix the deficiency add nutrients containing S. To avoid nutrient burn mix at the recommended strength. What also works is any water-soluble fertilizer that uses sulfur in the trace minerals. You can also use other sources such as potassium sulfate (K2SO4), gypsum and elemental garden sulfur. If you use acidic soil (pH less than 5.5) do not use gypsum. This affects the absorption of aluminum. Aluminum is poisonous to the roots of the plant.


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