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Whiteflies On Marijuana Plants

Whiteflies On Marijuana Plants

Whiteflies tend to conceal themselves under marijuana leaves and they can be just as destructive. They are very small and spread diseases while eating one plant then going on to the next.

They will travel great distances releasing honey dew and spreading plant diseases in large amounts. Whiteflies will feed on the leaves and stems of marijuana plants and are one of the most harmful pests to your plants. Read this article and learn out how to recognize and get rid of whiteflies.

Ways to recognize whiteflies

Signs of whiteflies on cannabis plants

In order to see if whiteflies are present, just shake the plant. After this, if you notice a flock of something that resembles winged white dust or small white moths flying around, then you have whiteflies.

Your marijuana plant will show signs of damage from whiteflies. One of the mains signs is chlorosis deficiency, which is basically yellowing in the leaves. The leaves will start to dry up beginning around the edges, then falling off. The growth of the plant will also start to reduce and degenerate.

Not sure if whiteflies are causing the damage to your marijuana plants? Check the article Marijuana pest and bug control for a list with pictures of all pests and bugs

How To Get Rid Of Whiteflies

Get rid of whiteflies on cannabis plants

Whiteflies are resistant to pesticides, so they are a terrible enemy. They always show up like a mob which makes it difficult to deal with them. The right way to control them is to take preventative measures.

Companion planting is an excellent, natural way to stop whitefly attacks. Planting zinnia inside your plants along with the aforementioned marigolds will push them out of your yard and onto someone else’s.

Zinnias appeal to natural whitefly predators when they are a part of your garden. They gain the attention of hummingbirds, predatory wasps and flies, who like to prey on whiteflies. Hummingbird bush, bee balm, and pineapple sage are some examples of mint scented plants that hide the smell of any nearby plants that whiteflies are attracted to.

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It for any reason that doesn’t work there are still other options. Try misting your plant with a garlic oil solution, similar to what is used on aphids. A commercial product like Bug Blaster will always to the job. If you want to make sure to kill them all buy something like Bug Blaster.

One more natural option you can try is making an oil spray by combining two tablespoons vegetable oil with one-gallon water. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and mist your plants really well, giving special focus to the areas under the leaves. Do this two times a week until they are gone. Your nearby gardening center should have sprays for removing white flies.

Marijuana plant symptoms

– White spots under the leaves
– Slow plant growth and deterioration
– Yellowing on leaves
– Edges of leaves are dry
– Leaves become brittle and fall off

If there were ever a pest that was not your plants friend, the whitefly is definitely the one. You will want to check underneath the leaves of your plant and shake it frequently to ensure these are nowhere in sight. If you see a gang of these, get rid of them immediately.

Remember that plants with strong genetics have less change of getting sick and are less vulnerable for pests and diseases. So make sure to buy marijuana seeds from a trusted seed bank.

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18 thoughts on “Whiteflies On Marijuana Plants

By Holly Smith on 11 November 2013

Can I use systemic on my plants?

By chuck on 7 August 2014

What if my plants are starting to bud can I still spray with garlic concoction my smoke won’t taste like garlic will it ?

By John on 25 December 2014

Is it safe to consume marijuana from a plant that was heavily infected with white flies? My plant was heavily infected during the blooming period, but I managed to minimize their population drastically after about two-three weeks to a controllable amount. Now it is time for harvest and I’m sure these guys left their eggs all around the flowers. Can smoking them cause any harm? I note though that the plant itself does not look very sick anymore.

By Nick on 27 September 2015

Same ques as John…

Is it safe to consume marijuana from a plant that was infected with white flies? Or once was infected?

I mean they are pest right?…that too who caries sort of viruses u say 🙂

By latewoodl on 28 September 2015

It was stated above that they spread “plant” diseases. To plants.

It depends on how bad the infestation was, and how long it took to eradicate the white flies. If this Marijuana is, or was harvested with eggs, and larvae still present in the buds and leaves; I would not consume it. If you cleaned it up, and inspected to see that all eggs and fly poo (honey dew). You may be OK.

By 420queen on 7 December 2015

Does anyone know the best way to kill whiteflies on plants that are already budding? Please let me know thank you!

By latewood.ILGM on 9 December 2015


I like to use yellow sticky trap cards. You can find an insecticidal soap that is not harmful to produce or humans and use that. Might want to give the plant a gentle shower before harvest, and dry with multiple fans afterwards to keep the plant from mold mildew. .

By Kronik801 on 6 February 2016

Im not one for throwing away buds youve been careing for ,gor 4 months or so.But smoking bug poop an eggs an shells of the eggs….wow tough one,…. BUG POOP,AN EGGS,! I tjink i will pass, good luck on that one. I feel your pain….

By Michael Petry on 8 September 2017

Surely you can’t be serious. Have you not eaten a savory piece of food that fell on the table or floor for that matter? Haven’t you ever stuck your tongue in a place that isn’t on any map? If you ever ate at a restaurant and saw what the kitchen does to prepare your food then you just might want to stay home and make your own. Surely, your can’t be serious.

By Kronik801 on 6 February 2016

Thats one of the reasons they inspect it so close,medical has standards that if its infected with bugs an eggs its probably not real healthy to puff on.especially if you already have medical issues…..probably taste like bacon an eggs?????? New strain name!!!! Unbelievable how out of control theyve let it get….

By Babu420 on 11 September 2016

This is my second planting season. I grow outdoors in felt pots. First time I had tons of bugs. Caterpillars, mites got to most of 6 plants. Did some research and found that blue dawn (teaspoon), 24 oz water and a dab (teaspoon and a 1/2) neem oil works miracles. Spray this concoction on plants in early stages, 4-5 nodes. Made it a point to spray it semi- weekly during veg, less each time and at night. Get underside of leaves and trunk coated. Spray soil. Since then, no bugs, no damage to plants or buds. Trickes are plentiful and white. It’s DIY solution. Took care of my concerns.

By Doreen Phillips on 27 September 2016

Live in Spain. What on earth is blue dawn?

By Shannon on 20 October 2016

It’s regular dawn brand dish soap. Dawn makes several scents and antibacterial types. You just want ” ORIGINAL dawn dish soap”.

By Jakko on 1 October 2016

RE: smoking weed with bug poop: I bought a microscope to see when trichomes are ripe. Useful for identifying pests; @ 100x, even, I’m told, broad mites. Unfortunately you can also see dead bugs, bits of random fiber, and little piles of bug poop here and there. There’s not a lot, unless a plant is heavily infested, although a part of a bud that’s been chomped on heavily by caterpillars will be full of their shit. I’ve read about washing buds in a weak H2O2 solution, and I’ve used NukeEm to kill bud rot and powdery mildew–kills bugs, too–but it’s just 0.05% citric acid (by weight) water and wetting agents, further diluted 1/32 with water. But it’s >$20 for 8 ounces; I bought a half-kilo of dry powder pure citric acid for $17, and I’ll mix my own. Should be two lifetime supplies.

So what I’m wondering is, do you think I can wash buds–agitate gently?–in either H2O2 or citric acid solution, without knocking all the trichomes off?

By latewood.ILGM on 3 October 2016

That is the whole point of a H2o2 bath. Make sure you have a big enough reservoir or tub to fill up in order to do this process. I would not apply anything else, personally. 🙂

Happy washing!

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