Cannabis plant care

Cannabis plant care

Cannabis plants thrive best when they receive specific care, keeping in mind that all plants have their own care requirements.

Growth substances in the plant itself
A plant produces it’s own growth substances, which can be compared with hormones produced by the human body. These substances are produced in the stem in the tip of the roots. The plant’s juices then transport growth substances throughout the plant to all growing parts. These growth substances determine where a plant is capable of flowering and growing; some plants thrive in warm climates, while others are built for colder climates. Also, other crucial factors are the type of soil and the amount of light.


Living conditions that enable cannabis plants to flower
A plant that requires sun, but is placed in the shade usually won’t survive. However, many plants have the ability to adapt to extreme conditions. For example: Trees in dense forests develop high branches, whereas the lower branches remain underdeveloped or die.


What is bad for cannabis plants?
Aspects that influence a cannabis plant negatively are:

  • Drought
  • Cold
  • Wind
  • Too much light
  • Insufficient light
  • Poor soil
  • Heavy soil
Soil with sufficient minerals, but not too much
Soil containing too little iron will cause plants to look pale, like when humans contain too little iron in their blood. For good plant growth, soil must contain sufficient salts with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, iron and magnesium therein. Too much of any one of these minerals is not good. Too much copper or zinc wil lead to disease and abnormalties.


A cannabis plant does not need enormous amounts of oxygen. They do however consume more carbon dioxide, producing oxygen for the surrounding area. Still, at night this proces is reversed and the plant then requires more oxygen. This is due to lack of light disrupting the photosynthesis process.


When do cannabis plants grow and flower best?
Plants manage their own photosynthesis process but still requires some help:

  • Care
  • Growth substances
  • Living conditions

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