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The Best Ways To Germinate Marijuana Seeds

The Best Ways To Germinate Marijuana Seeds

3 successful ways to germinate your marijuana seeds 
Seed germination is a very important process in which you lay the foundation for your marijuana plants. That’s why you want to make sure your seeds come from a renowned company and that your marijuana plants grow in perfect conditions. Temperatures should be between 20°-22° Celsius or 68°-72° Fahrenheit and the environment nicely moist. These are three of the most commonly used methods:

Directly into soil
This is by far the most common and most successful method of germinating marijuana seeds. The fragile root of the new marijuana plant are protected by the soil and of course this is the natural way for marijuana plants to grow.
Fill a couple of small pots with cutting soil available in all garden centers. This soil contains spores and minerals that are suitable for young marijuana plants. Push with your finger into the soil to create a small pocket of 1,5 cm or 0,6 inches deep. Place the cannabis seed and cover with soil. Moisten the soil with a plant sprayer and do not add any plant nutrients yet. The ideal temperature for the soil is 22° Celsius or 72° Fahrenheit, so it is best to place the pots under a fluorescent lamp. Do not place the pots in a windowsill because temperatures fluctuate too much there. Inspect the soil every day to make sure it is still a little moist. After approximately 4 to 7 days you’ll see the first signs of stems shooting out. Repot the marijuana plants when they are 5 to 10 centimeters or 2 to 4 inches tall and place plants with longer stems deeper into the ground.

In between two cotton pads
Germinating marijuana seeds between two cotton pads is another frequently used method because it is easy to keep marijuana seeds moist and they lay protected between two layers. Place the marijuana seeds between two cotton pads and moisten with a plant sprayer. Like the previous described method, the ideal temperature for the cotton is 22° Celsius or 72° Fahrenheit and the seeds should not be placed in a windowsill. After 2 to 4 days the marijuana seeds start to split and little roots come out. When the seeds are 3-5 mm or 0.1-0.2 inches long, place them in soil (see instructions method 1). The downside of this germinating method is that fragile roots might get damaged when putting them into the soil. So make sure to handle your seeds with care.

-In a glas of water
It seems illogical, but despite the excess light and high moist level, seeds will germinate perfectly. This is, in my opinion, the best way to germinate seeds. Or at least to crack them open before planting them into the soil or other medium.

Fill a glass with water at a temperature of approximately 18° C or 65° F (room temperature) and insert a couple of cannabis seeds. Refill the glass every other day with fresh water and keep the temperature at 18° C or 65° F. After 2 to 4 days you will see the first signs of seeds starting to split. Place the cannabis seeds in soil as soon as the roots are 3-5 mm or 0,1-0,2 inches long. There are many ways to germinate marijuana seeds and one Is not per se better than the other. Everybody uses his own methods. For me this method is very effective and at least 90% of my seeds germinate.

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11 thoughts on “The Best Ways To Germinate Marijuana Seeds

By S NIELSON on 21 August 2013

Do I need to buy seed to have access to growing bible? Did input info clicked download and nothing--please advise. Thanks!!

By Robert on 26 August 2013

The Grow bible is free for everybody. You do not need to buy seeds for it!

The download link is fixed now, please try again. Enter your name and email in the top-right corner, and you can download the growing guide.

Happy growing,

By Andy Fowler on 1 October 2013

as a novis grower id like to ask do you need to veg cannabis seeds that are feminised or otherwise any seeds at all. And do they all need to be veg'd please could you let me know please coz this information would be very helpful. Thank You

By GrassMaster on 16 August 2014

Yes they do need to go through a veg cycle when growing from seed. Clones will at least need a rooting cycle and a veg cycle is recommended. Plants grown from seed need to reach sexual maturity before induced into flowering. This can take two months. Look for a change in the growth pattern. Leaves growing off the main stem will change from opposing to alternating and preflowers will begin to show at the base of the lateral shoots where the grow from the main stem. Hope this helps!

By mike on 9 January 2015

I ordered extra seeds while I had the money . Is it OK to store the extra seeds in the package they were shipped in from you, as long as I keep them in a cool dark place ? Or should they be taken out of the package they were shipped in ?? IF so how should I store them to keep them in best shape for when I can use them . I bought several different types & bought the 2 for 1 deals on most however I only have room to grow 4 plants at a time & only for personal medical use not cash cropping .. Thank You ..

By maurice mckinley on 12 January 2015

I have used the wet paper towel method for years with almost 100% success. I drop the seeds in water until the sink (about 4 to 24 hours) then wet 1/2 a paper towel. lay the seeds on them then fold the dry half over them. then place them in a plastic bag in a warm location. when the tap root appears I gently place them in starter soil( jiffy seed starter mix) this has worked very well for me

By april on 1 March 2015

very interested in this book u have cant u send it thru the mail??????????????????? April Evans N1627 Cedar St. Vulcan,MI 49892 that would b sweet!!!!!!!!!! I would hand out bussiness cards for u for real somethings up with my e-mail so i cant receive your book that sucks ass1111

By Artemis Rose on 13 November 2016

Does the process of germination affect the future health of my seeds?

By Roy ILGM on 14 November 2016

Hi Artemis Rose, no the method of germination will not affect the eventual health of your plant 🙂

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