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Growing Marijuana In Soil

Growing Marijuana In Soil

The best way to ensure a successful start of your marijuana plant’s growing career is by providing it with great soil. Not only will you need to buy good quality soil, but you will also have to prepare it properly with the right equipment. This applies to indoor and outdoor plants alike, and you can actually give your plants a healthy start with good soil at a very low cost.

Plenty of growers prefer a to grow their crop using hydroponics. This is because it speeds up marijuana plants’ absorption of nutrients, and, therefore, their growth along with it. Although it gives plants to grow at an fast rate, it costs a lot of money and requires a high amount of expertise.

Since this article is for beginners, we will instead cover the cold, hard basics. Many times, even veterans decide to stay with the basics since they are so effective. Keep reading to learn more about growing marijuana on soil:

Why grow in soil?

Why grow weed on soil

Soil is important for reasons beyond those that first might come to mind. It holds plants down against washing or blowing away in rough weather. It transports water for the plant’s roots to take in.

A high-quality soil should actually be able to hold an amount of water that is several times the soil’s weight. Instead of letting the water drain through, good soil should hold it there for a decent amount of time before it evaporates. This is so they will give the plant’s roots the best opportunity for absorbing that water.

Good soil should have the same texture when it is wet or dry – and this texture should be loose. At the same time, it should be dense enough for roots to secure themselves to, without being impenetrable for air and root growth. If your plant is stuck in bad soil, its growth will be stunted and they will not achieve the same yield as they would if they had high-quality soil.

So, as you can see, soil is extremely important for every aspect of any plant’s life. Whether germinating, transplanting or simply growing, your plants are going to need the best soil you can offer them. If you’re looking to buy soil online, I recommend Humbolt Soil.

The best soil supplies

Soil supplies weed

To get started, you are probably going to want to purchase peat plugs. They are cylindrical in shape and are covered in mesh, and they can be a great way of starting your plant off right. They are easily found at any garden center, and even come with some extras like a terrarium top and a little tray. (buy online here)

All you have to do is create a hole-like indentation at the top of it. This indentation should only be half an inch deep. You can make it using a writing utensil.

After that, place a seed inside and then set the plug on the tray provided. Then pour in about half an inch of water. These peat plugs take in water rapidly but also lose water quickly to evaporation, so keep an eye out to make sure there is always plenty of water available to them.

Sometimes peat plugs might be difficult to find; it’s okay – potting soil will do the trick. It is basically a less expensive seed starter that will give marijuana seeds everything they need to start their life cycle off right.

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Another option is composted manure, which has plenty of nutrients and nourishment. With these forms of soil, you simply need to stick the seed halfway down and then make sure you are constantly maintaining the soil’s moisture and softness. Because potting soil is extremely dense in texture, it is easy to accidentally let it become very thick and hard.

Because potting soil bought in stores is often too dense for many growers’ liking, they often will add in local soil or sand of some sort to even things out. Try going for half potting soil and half of other materials (such as leaf mulch, grass mulch, dried peat moss, or local dirt and sand). This will still get your plant the nutrients it needs, and will also give you more bang for your buck. It will also reduce the clumping, which potting soil is so prone to, so your tender young plants can have plenty of unhindered root expansion.

How to make your own soil?

Make your own soil weed

If you are a farm owner, someone who lives near a farm, or someone who likes to compost, you can easily make your own soil. What’s more, it will probably be equally or even more nutritious and rich than store-bought soil.

If you do live on a farm, you already know about the nutritious properties of animal manure. You can use any manure from cows and pigs, especially if you age it for more than a year. Even if you add in fifty percent sand, this mixture will provide your plants with all the nutrients they need to thrive during their early stages of growth.

You can also buy topsoil from some companies. If this topsoil is black and appears healthy, you don’t need to change it at all – this will already work perfectly for your plants. Read the article Best marijuana soil mixture for more information

The best outdoor soil

Outdoor soil cannabis

The soil will continue having an effect (whether positive or negative) on your plants, long after they have sprouted and even matured. If you are already growing your plants indoors, you will have no problem changing the soil accordingly. Things get a little bit trickier if you are growing outdoors, however, so continue reading carefully.

One thing you can do for an outdoors growing site is to use soil that is rich and has already been prepared before you add it to your plot. Even in locations that don’t have good enough soil for marijuana to grow naturally, you can alter the quality of the dirt you grow in so that it works perfectly well for your uses. This has the added advantage of security, since most authorities won’t be looking in that area for illegal marijuana farms anyway. Read the article Best soil for outdoor marijuana plants for more info

What is super soil?

Super soil cannabis

There is another type of soil, nicknamed “Super Soil,” that forms a great material for growing healthy marijuana plants – and you can make it yourself. The idea behind it is to utilize compost in order to achieve a higher quality soil. It takes the naturally best soil for marijuana that grows in nature and uses those same qualities.

You’ll also be able to relax a bit while you’re growing since you won’t need to continue adding nutrients to your plants day after day. Instead, all you need to do is add water. This is an organic way of achieving the same thing that nasty chemicals would achieve anyway while allowing the marijuana plants to thrive the way they evolved to thrive.

The entire process requires plenty of research and preparation, however, so it’s not as nice of a “hack” as you might think. Do some research online (the entire process is too long and advanced to cover here) and decide for yourself if it’s a good idea.

It ultimately is better for people who grow large amounts of marijuana, since it involves mixing together a huge volume of different soils and other ingredients. You will need to mix it for a full week until it has all come together as one color, and then you will have to store it properly to begin the composting process. It should work for a month or two, being kept under the exact right conditions.

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There are quite a few things that could go wrong with this process, such as the presence of bugs or other pests. That being said, worms are a useful tool to help keep the soil mixture completely healthy.

If this whole process turns out to be too daunting, expensive, and time-consuming for you, you can simply buy Subcool Super Soil. It is offered in several places online, and it will have nearly as good of an effect as your own homemade Super Soil. This will allow you to have the same outcome without undergoing the Super Soil making process. Buy the best soil at this link here.

If you do decide to try mixing or buying Super Soil, you will want to fill half of your growing containers up with the finished product, and the other half should be normal soil. This is simply because the huge amount of nutrients contained in the Super Soil would burn young plants (or clones). However, by the time the roots have made it through the regular soil and have reached the bottom layer, the plants should be mature enough to handle such a high nutrient content.

You can germinate your seeds accordingly, and water normally with lots of light.

Organic soils

Organice soil weed

Without undergoing the extreme process of making Super Soil, you can easily make other types of organic soil that will similarly benefit your marijuana plants. These other methods will not require so much preparation, time, money, and space. At its simplest, you can combine organic soil that you combine with an organic nutrient. If these nutrients are liquid, you need to be very careful about regularly checking your pH levels. Read these recipes for the Best compost mixtures

Thanks for reading. Please leave comments or questions below and don’t forget to download my free grow bible


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25 thoughts on “Growing Marijuana In Soil

By Carol Miller on 24 October 2015

Do plants grown in soil have more leaves?
Should the plants be pruned during the growing stage to become shorter and bushier?
Can the plants be grown to have less leaves?
Are there strains that genetically have very little leaves?

By latewood.ILGM on 27 October 2015

Carol Miller
Really. You should join our Support Forum.

Do plants grown in soil have more leaves?
A. NO. This is a matter of fertilizer balance and environment.

Should the plants be pruned during the growing stage to become shorter and bushier?
A. This is a matter of a growers methods. You can make the choice to prune and train plant to be shorter.

Can the plants be grown to have less leaves?
A. Yes Stifle Nitrogen, and you will have less leaves, less foliage, and less buds.

By Lambert on 6 August 2017

My plant is starting to bud butt most all leaves are three leaflets why?

By latewood_ILGM on 9 August 2017


It is hard to say. Perhaps it is genetics or environment or…

See what I am getting at? I invite you to join our support forum and after reading a bit you can post images of your plant and the awesome membership and experts on staff will address any concerns you have. 🙂

Happy growing.

By bud on 12 January 2016

I have a 3×3 foot growing area iam using 5gal. pots now 6 of them would like to use 3 gal. pots more pots more plants the roots in 5 gal. pots are really small any way what do you think

By bud on 12 January 2016

I have a 3×3 foot growing area iam using 5gal. pots now 6 of them would like to use 3 gal. pots more pots more plants the roots in 5 gal. pots are really small any way what do you think

By Candy on 14 July 2016

Great article thanks. Could you tell me if it is necessary to purchase new soil each grow or can you give it New nutrients

By latewood.ILGM on 14 July 2016


Overcrowding your grow tent is a bad idea. You will have healthier plants and a better yield with 2-3 plants in that space.

By latewood.ILGM on 14 July 2016


I would be wary of attempting to use the same soil over and over. Salt buildup, disease and pests can be transferred to your new plant. considering what you get out of a healthy Cannabis plant; I would think that the small investment for new soil is a better idea.

y0ou may be able to alternate grows by using a method called “solarization”; Which basically is using the sun the sterilize your used soil, killing anything that would be detrimental to your grow.

By john davis on 5 March 2017

what about growing in coconut coir whats the proper way to use it

By JEFFREY KENNEDY on 25 April 2017

my seed order came very quickly so happy. Thank you

By Roy ILGM on 26 April 2017

Awesome! If you like, people love to follow grow journals, you can put one up on our support forum – I❤️GM

By Sean on 17 June 2017

If you are looking for all natural worm castings to enrich your soil and fight pests, see

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