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Welcome friends, smokers and especially you ‘budding’ new growers! I’m Robert Bergman and I’m delighted to share my 20 plus years of marijuana growing experience with you, and to help you get started growing your own great weed in the comfort and safety of your own home.

So, after receiving numerous requests via my blog at for a useful and comprehensive guide for weed growing enthusiasts, I felt compelled to write The Marijuana Grow Bible for folk just like you.

Growing your own bumper buds, indoor or outdoor, is probably one of the most rewarding experiences ever, and I bet I know why you want to grow your own!

Once all 58 jam-packed pages were complete, I decided not to sell it, but to give it to you for FREE, as my gift to help you on your way to becoming your very own successful Ganga Grow Meister AND Supplier!