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Massachusetts to Reset Recreational Pot Law

Massachusetts to Reset Recreational Pot Law

Back in November, the voters in favor of legalized Marijuana went on to vote and achieve the feat. However, there was a lot to be decided, the laws, the regulations, the distribution, and a lot more. Massachusetts was to open up hearings regarding the changes that were to be incorporated, but the date has been delayed at the request of the voters.

Those that voted in favor of legalized marijuana recently appealed that the changes should be held off for a while. This appeal was put forward in the initial public hearing. The appeal not only asked the panel to postpone the hearings for a while, but also requested to impede any changes in the current medical marijuana laws. This has been refused, though.

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It was promised by the leaders of the House and Senate that they will respect the electorate’s will. Despite the statement, the advocates of MMJ are quite disappointed and angered by the said leaders: the reason being that the House and Senate authorities have revealed their own will of elevating the current tax rate regarding the sales of marijuana. In addition to that, the officials also plan on altering the ability of local officials in keeping pot shops beyond the boundaries of their communities. Other alterations include limiting the potency of marijuana. This is only a minute part of the restrictions state officials will impose—something that has enraged the medical marijuana advocates.

Yes on 4—the group in charge of leading the ballot initiative—proposed the idea of a hands-off approach. That is, of course, until a regulatory board—Cannabis Control Commission—is in place.


Massachusetts House and Senate

As per the current decision, the legislature has been deferred to the mid of the year 2018. It can, however, be delayed even further. There are several other bills related to medical marijuana. While some of them talk about making a few minute changes, others suggest turning the MMJ laws over in their entirety. However, it is quite unlikely that the current laws will be completely changed.

The current taxes on MMJ in Massachusetts are comprised of different elements that add up to a total of 12% tax which is in high contrast with taxes imposed in states like Washington D.C.—37% tax. Oregon and Colorado have 35% and 29% taxes respectively.

The current tax rate of Massachusetts has led to raising questions among the state officials. They are concerned that with this tax rate, it would be unable to bear the costs required to regulate recreational marijuana.

Those in favor of this relatively lower tax rates argue that it is the reason why consumers would care to visit legal marijuana establishments in the first place. This will greatly help in barring the illegal dealers from selling marijuana. Under the current tax rate of 12%, the state will see an influx of $64 million and $132 million in the first and the second years respectively.

People like Paul and Dorothy Connors who are users of MMJ are very concerned about the possible change in the laws regarding this drug.

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2 thoughts on “Massachusetts to Reset Recreational Pot Law

By James Guynn on 23 March 2017

Marijuana should never been illegal from the start or changed and altered to man's desire, chemically altered that is. Booze, alcohol designed for drinking, should have never been made available, in quantities of excess, since it is addictive,causes a drastic change in ability and behavior , destroys bodily organs ,
even to the point of death. MMJ should be freely grown and used for personal applications and/or medical as well as the enormously large amount of other uses, without interference from any government law,state law or any law. It is a natural plant placed on this Earth by Almighty God, our Heavenly Father, Yahvey, for a reason as all creation was and is. He didn't create anything bad, He looked on all he created and seen thatIT WAD GOOD. Anything that's natural is of God , anything unnatural is not of God for He Himself is Super Natural, meaning the most natural there is not like Superman as most would think super natural means, superman wouldn't stand a chance for he would is an unnatural object, if he were real. MMJ shouldn't be a regulated freedom because it's a God given right

By Eric Turner on 4 January 2018

my state is run by Nazi scum that's dont give rats ass about what the voters vote for, this is 3 time since the 80"S this POS state has gone against the will of the VOTERS, Voted 80% yes for term limits 3 months later they nullified the voters and un did it, medical cannabis passed in 2012 78% of the vote they spent years working to undo it all and out of the 35 dispensaries they were to open only 5 are open and deal with daily attacks by cops and state officials. the only Plus is you can grow your own, you can have 6 plants per adult max 12 plants per household and up to 10 ounces in your home, you are allowed to give one ounce away and have up to an oz on your person outside of the home. that law we voted for said 12% tax but we live in liberal hell hole here that loves to tax for huge money on everything and they now want it to be 28% and again say screw what the voters want and voted for. I would have just gotten a med card long ago but they use that as an excuse to ban you from owning a gun, you can have 1000 gallon of booze in your house and be shitfaced 24/7 with gun but god help you if you have a joint and a gun.

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