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Most Common Cannabis Hybrids

Most Common Cannabis Hybrids

Skunk is the first crossing between a Sativa and a Indica strain. It was developed in the the U.S. in the 70’s. Skunk has the strong effects of the Sativa and the short flowering time of the Indica (7-8 weeks). Skunk is a strong cannabis plant with high yields and is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing.

Northern Lights
Northern Lights comes from California and is a very important crossing that in it’s turn has been crossed with other strains many times. This cannabis plant stays fairly short and produces high yields, making it ideal for indoor growing. It’s THC levels go up to 35%.

The haze comes from California and is a mix of Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Jamaican strains. It has a long flowering time (9+ weeks) and is well know for it’s heavy ‘high’ effect. Haze is very popular with medicinal cannabis users. It is widely cultivated in Jamaica and know as Bob Marley’s favorite. Haze is usually grown indoors, but there are hybrids that thrive well outdoors.


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