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Let’s Get Smoking Nevada!

Let’s Get Smoking Nevada!

A new year adds a new entry to America’s list of states with legalized marijuana. On January 1st, Nevada became the 7th state to approve recreational marijuana. Thankfully, Vegas (and the rest of the state) isn’t keeping this fun to itself. Maine is scheduled to join the list later this month.

Purchasing Weed in Nevada

Nevada voted to legalize marijuana, winning by a small margin in November 2016. The vote became a law on January, 1st, making possession of marijuana no longer illegal for adults.

While this is a huge win for marijuana lovers (and those who are curious), it will take a while before most people can enjoy some of the 420 love. As a recreational state, Nevada will have retail stores where adults can purchase marijuana. The stores, as well as their distributors will be regulated by the Nevada Department of Taxation.  There will be a 15% tax imposed on the cultivators, in addition to retail taxes paid by customers. The tax money will go toward Nevada schools.

Setting up marijuana stores will take a while. This means, if you were expecting to fly to Vegas and enjoy some weed, you might want to wait. At the moment, those who have access to marijuana or are already medical users, are the only ones that can truly celebrate.

Don’t Forget the Growers

Though the new law doesn’t immediately make marijuana available to Nevadans, it does make it legal to start growing your own.

While Nevada prefers that its citizens purchase their marijuana from locally based businesses, those who are outside city limits have options. The new law allows any adult to grow six plants- if they live more than 25 miles from a retailer.

Those that do not want to wait for the legal industry to set up its stores (which will take months) can get a head start by planting their seeds now. Set up your indoor grow room now and have from fresh bud by spring.

Another Reason to Party in the Desert

Nevada loves to party, and now marijuana is a welcome guest. Don’t enjoy your marijuana outdoors though - public consumption is still a fine.

Find all the info about marijuana in Nevada here.


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