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New Cannabis Regulations Put LA’s Cannabis Industry on the Right Track

New Cannabis Regulations Put LA’s Cannabis Industry on the Right Track

Los Angeles has finally decided to take a step for cannabis regulations. Unfortunately, this has come after quite a long time. The road to this point included several community meetings, bitter industry infighting, and bureaucratic reviews. Even right now, the draft is in the hands of public opinions and can be subjected to certain revisions.

The rules that have been proposed give a fair glimpse of what you can expect California’s biggest cannabis market to look like. It is fair to say that not a lot of the proposed regulations were very surprising. As Hilary Bricken—a Lawyer—points out,

“most of these initial regulations identically track initial state regulations”


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Los Angeles has not been the best at regulating cannabis. In fact, there still are provisions that could actually go on to haunt the city. One of the new regulations say that newcomers in the industry might have to wait for their turn. Despite the ban on retail sales of cannabis, there will be 135 dispensaries that will operate. However, the existing dispensaries will be given first preference in getting the ‘compliance certificates’. General public applications will only be accepted after that.

Also, the number of certificates awarded to the general public will match the number of awarded social equity program certificates. This will, to some extent, limit the overall expansion of the cannabis market in Los Angeles. Another regulation has barred the use of volatile chemicals. This means that solvents like ethanol and Butane will not be allowed to be used in edibles and vaporizers etc. If someone is found using such compounds, he or she will be subject to ten years in jail.

A great thing about this regulation is that you wouldn’t have to go all the way to a dispensary to get the drug. You can have it delivered to your doorstep within Los Angeles. For anywhere beyond the boundaries of this place, you will have to take permission from the officials of LA which could frankly, be nothing less than a headache.

In order to keep the industry well balanced and equally divided, it will feature equal ownership so that the marginalized communities get an equal opportunity to penetrate into the potentially lucrative industry. A great regulation that has been passed is that dispensaries don’t have to remain shut while their certification is in process. However, in the case that the application gets rejected, the dispensary will immediately have to bring its shutters down. Otherwise, the owner of the shop will face legal action.


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Furthermore, bear in mind that if you are already operating in the market, you are a priority dispensary and that your application will be considered first, provided you submit it within the first 60 days. After that, you will be treated as a newcomer. In the case where your documents are incomplete, a period of three months will be allowed to complete and resubmit your application.

The proposed cannabis regulations are likely to get the LA cannabis industry on the right track.

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