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New Health Conditions To Be Added To Medical Marijuana List

New Health Conditions To Be Added To Medical Marijuana List

Seems like pro marijuana users scored a big win today by adding two new health conditions to the current list of uses of medical marijuana. The news comes as a New Hampshire legislative committee recently gave an approval of not one, but two bills that would help expand the use of medical marijuana.

The House Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee was able to move forward with the bill after it won 12 to 6. The new bills are pushing to add two new health conditions that medical marijuana could be used for, mainly chronic pain and PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder, which won by a 9 to 8 vote. While the current list of medical marijuana usage includes the likes of cancer, HIV, glaucoma, hepatitis C, ALS and a few others, the addition of chronic pain and PTSD are two medical conditions that have been long overdue.

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While on the flip side, some critics of the two new bills say that other conditions should have also been added to the list such as Opioid addiction, which is a growing concern for health professionals, and myelitis disorder. But, the recent move has been welcomed by those who have been suffering from chronic pain and PTSD, and were not allowed to use medical marijuana in New Hampshire. According to the committee, every state should include chronic pain and PTSD to their list of conditions which qualifies for the use of medical marijuana. While there is surprisingly some confusion on the difference between chronic pain and severe pain, which has to be included in the list of each state, according to the New Hampshire House Committee, the pain has to last for up to six weeks or longer for the person to be eligible for the use of medical marijuana.


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While both the bills made it to the floor, there seemed to be some hesitation when it came to including PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions for the use of medical marijuana. That’s because there were some politicians who believed that there was not enough evidence available that could verify the benefits of using marijuana for patients with PTSD. Albeit mixed views on the benefits of medical marijuana for those suffering with PTSD, the decision to include PTSD in the list was finally made since there are countless testimonies by war veterans who have found relief by using medical marijuana. But, Rep. Donald Lebrun, who is the presiding committee chairman has expressed some doubt, saying that he’s talked to many veterans who don’t think the use of medical marijuana helps that much.

As of 2016, more than 2000 patients have been enrolled in the New Hampshire medical marijuana program, and with the new bill headed to the House to get a full vote, that number is sure to rise, since according to the Healthy Ministry, there are many people who suffer from both chronic pain and PTSD.

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