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New York Comes Forth with Proposition of MMJ for Menstrual Cramps

New York Comes Forth with Proposition of MMJ for Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps are a troubling problem for most women as they fail to find relief with ordinary drugs. The Health Committee of New York Assembly has finally understood this issue and has passed a bill for a new solution to menstrual cramps. They have included this problem as a condition in which you should be allowed to use medical marijuana (MMJ). The Bill 582 passed with a commanding vote of 24-2.

The credits can be awarded to Linda Rosenthal, who is the Assembly Woman sponsoring the Bill 582 regarding this topic. Whoopi Goldberg supported her, and now the bill will be presented in the full Assembly for a deciding vote.

Passed The New Bill

Passes The New Bill

better medicinal products, especially which are sufficiently effective to reduce the pain associated with periods.

Rosenthal also acknowledged that Whoopi Goldberg has been instrumental on this issue. She stated that the partnership with Goldberg allowed her to bring a bill which may ultimately reduce the pain of women all across the New York State.

Goldberg has stated that other legislators and the Governor Andrew Cuomo have to support this bill for success in the assembly. She further added that it is amazing to see states getting serious about this important topic. She adds that Cuomo needs to recognize this matter and in fact, act as the champion of women, by acknowledging the need and signing this important bill, once it is approved by the assembly.

Growing cannabis new york

Goldberg co-owns Whoopi and Maya, which design medical cannabis products that are specifically prepared to treat menstrual cramps. New York has a restricted MMJ program in which only a few medical conditions are covered. These are only the extremely serious ones, such as epilepsy, spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, HIV and AIDS. It also includes Lou Gehrig’s disease and Huntington’s disease.

In fact, chronic pain has just been added to this list in last December. There are various symptoms and diseases that may still be added to this list in order to make it as complete as other states.

Another bill appeared and passed in the Senate Health Committee for including PTSD as a qualifying condition for MMJ and is currently waiting for approval in the Senate. The current Bill 582 does not have a sponsor in the Senate yet, but Rosenthal is strongly working towards this goal. She states that she will find a supporter. You can also help her, by asking your Assembly Member to support Bill 582.

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