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New York Updates their Medical Marijuana Law

New York Updates their Medical Marijuana Law

When it comes to medical marijuana, New York has some of the strictest laws around.  Not only do they not allow home growing, but they also do not allow buds! If you use medical marijuana in New York, it is in extract or tincture form.

A Short Supply for Patients

These restrictions are not the only problem with New York marijuana. There’s also a very limited supply. The entire state of New York has five producers.  Additionally, these five producers are only allowed to grow five strains or create five products.

That means the entire state of New York has access to anywhere from 5 to 25 different medications. Considering the wide varieties of strains and the number of qualifying conditions, this is a problem.  25 products from five producers are not enough for over 10,000 medical marijuana patients.

Plus, now that New York has added chronic pain to its approved medical conditions, the number of patients is likely to increase. Even with the state’s 30-day supply maximum to prevent shortages, marijuana supply is a concern.

Wholesale Marijuana

Even though legalized home-growing could fix New York’s marijuana supply problem, the state found another solution.  They will now let their five producers sell to each other. They will also let those producers grow more than five strains and create more than five products.

By doing this, the state hopes to lessen the risk of marijuana shortage simply because one of their five producers had a bad harvest. Now, each one will be able to grow more and sell their extra to other producers, hopefully causing a surplus of weed.

Hospital-sanctioned Meds

A more stable supply of marijuana is not the only change coming to New York. The state has also made it legal to consume marijuana while in the hospital. Before this law, a patient that is medicating with marijuana would not be able to take their medicine if they went to the hospital. The new law would not make marijuana available in hospitals (like in Israel), it simply makes it okay to have.

Find more on marijuana laws in New York here.

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When will we be able to buy the plant? I’ve tried it all and still nothing helps except the plant.i have my medical card.

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