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Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights Autoflower

Northern Lights stands as one of the most famous types of marijuana of all time. It gained popularity because of its thick buds, shorter flowering time, and resilience during growth. This strain’s sweet and spicy aroma comes from its crystal-coated, purple buds with an indoor flowering time of 45 to 50 days.

The effects of Northern Lights on the body include relaxation, euphoria, and relief from pain. It also helps root out depression and stress.

Through this grow journal, we’ll see how Northern Lights progress from germination to harvesting.


  • 1 Northern Lights autoflowering and feminized seed
  • Grow closet (40x40x90cm)
  • 11L container filled with 9L of premium organic soil
  • LED UFO 90W and LED 20W
  • 1 Mini-fan

For most of the grow period, the lights are on an 18/6 cycle.

The next few entries are just to bring everyone up to speed with what happened so far.

The germination was done between two pieces of cotton and only took less than 24 hours. The seed was then transferred into a tiny pot right under the UFO lamps.

The next day, the seed sprouted.

12 hours later, it seemed like quite a change occurred. The leaves were starting to show.

This is how the grow box looks like now with an added 20W LED panel. More lights, more buds!

On the 4th day after sprouting from the ground, the plant continued to grow despite the low humidity. It’s approximately 50% when it should be a little higher especially in the vegetative state.

Here are photos of the plant as it grew without any incidents.

Day 7

Day 12

Day 18

There’s a huge stretch over the past 5 days. She’s about 30cm high now!

March 23rd

Now that you’re all caught up, here is the young lady currently at Day 23. She went through some LST today.

March 24th

Today was a bad day!

A lamp fell on the plant and it’s all torn down and a couple leaves were broken. Hopefully, that won’t be that big of a disaster but it will probably slow the growing process. Luckily, I was at home to fix it as soon as possible.

Here you can see the disaster made by the lamp.

March 27th

Everything seems to be back to normal. This bright green color is just lovely. A few pistils are showing off but nothing big yet. It’s also exuding a really strong weedy/grassy smell!

This baby plant also received some nutrients because it’s starting the flowering process.

This is a close up of the pistils.

March 29th

Here she is on Day 29. She got some nutrients over the weekend and she seems to be in a perfect state. She’s just missing a few leaves due to the light crash.

The smell is getting stronger every day and it’s amazing!

April 2nd

This is the new lamp which will be added to the set up today. It’s a 65W CFL. It seems really powerful and the baby is enjoying it to the max! Its heat production is a little inconvenient though. Current temp is 27°C so at least it’s not excessive.

Here is the top of the plant.

More and more pistils are showing up every day. It’s incredible. She hasn’t needed any nutrients since the last feeding. The soil is still really humid and doesn’t seem like she needs some.

She also had to undergo some defol today. This trip to the barber should allow more light to shine on the lower branches.

She looks a little naked due to the defol earlier but this should pay off. I removed fan leaves and small colas that were taking using up too much energy. So far there seems to be 12 bud sites.

April 6th

Things were going so well I decided to germinate a second Northern Light seed. She germinated last night and is now in soil. She’s sitting on my 11L pot with the 1st NL plant.

On Friday, I went ahead and defoliated the baby of all the big fan leaves which seem to take too much energy from the plant. However, looking at her today, I think it stressed her a little and now she seems to be growing really slowly. She received some nutrients on Saturday to help her recover.

It’s been a week since the first pistils appeared but no big changes have occurred as you can see here.

She’s not really tall and neither stretching as much as I expected since the first pistils. Due to this, I elevated the plant even higher, about 30cm from the apex.

April 9th

No big changes so far for the older sister. It seems the crystals are taking a long time to form and it has a bushy pistil top. I’m wondering if it’s because of the current light cycle 18/6 and I’m seriously considering switching it to 12/12.

The younger baby looks a lot different from the first seed. The leaves are a lot darker and she’s growing taller, looking for light.

April 16th

Here are some photos of the two sisters. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be any huge changes.

The older NL had a growth spurt and she’s become uncontrollable now. She is getting taller every day but it’s kind of a problem due to the grow room’s restrictions. This is her after being super-cropped.

I decided not to put it on 12/12 light cycle because it will put the plant on stretch mode which we don’t want at this point. The NL looks like it’s ready to get right into bloom now so growth should start to slow down soon.

April 23rd

She seems healthy. The temperature on the top of the plant is 28°C which seemed way too warm. Maybe the 65W CFL is producing way too much heat so the fan was switched to it max speed 24/7.

Here is the younger NL at Day 18.

April 27th

She’s healthy but she just seems to be taking a long time. Autoflowers just want the best light possible. Hopefully the results will still be great. Here’s an updated photo with a zoomed view of the stems.

It’s supposed to go faster but super-cropping stressed it out. It’s only natural to stay 1 or 2 weeks back. With proper lighting and enough spaces, autoflowering strains can be more than people think them to be.

May 2nd

A bit of sad news for today. A few days ago, I took out the younger NL because the weather was really good but when I came back she disappeared. Someone must have taken her.

Other than that, the older sister is catching up on some much needed growth.

May 12th

This is her now at Day 72. She’s just reaching for the skies now.

June 25th

After weeks of steady growth, she got cut and is now drying! The buds’ wet weight is 98.5g.

It’s been a long grow but we have some nice-looking buds to finish.

June 30th

They’re now curing with a dry weight of 39.5 grams!

Grower: blvck
Yield: 395.g (dry weight)
Location: NA

This grow showed some problems such as stress and stunted growth but the Northern Light variety demonstrated its resilience. There is a reason why the cannabis plant is considered a weed.

Have you tested how resilient marijuana plants can be? Start growing marijuana today to find out more!

Happy growing!

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