Are You Ready To Harvest Your Outdoor Marijuana Plants?

I love marijuana when to harvest

Finally, after months of preparation, work, and careful maintenance, the time to harvest your marijuana will arrive. Harvesting is not as easy a task as just cutting down your marijuana plants, waiting a week or so for them to dry, and then getting as high as a kite. There are still signs to watch for and critical mistakes to avoid, or you risk nullifying all of your hard work over the preceding months.

The most important of these is getting the timing right. Watching the weather and paying close attention to your marijuana plants will let you know when they are ready for harvest. After a certain point, the potency of marijuana plants will begin to degrade from its peak point. But harvesting too soon can be worse in terms of reducing the potential potency/yield of your plants. Balancing this means understanding the rhythm of the blooming period that your marijuana plants will undergo. If in doubt, it is best to err on the side of patience. Make sure to download my free grow guide for much more harvesting tips at this link here

Throughout the flowering period, the end stage of your cannabis crop’s development, the sun’s strength in conjunction with the changing seasons should be your guide. The plant, through its changing appearance, will also send signals that clearly identify when the right time has arrived. Keep an eye on the weather since the conditions on the day you actually cut the plants is very important.

Also make sure there is a plan to cut and move your plants. Do you want to take the whole plant or is it safe to cut them on site. Use seal bags for transportation to avoid strong marijuana odor in your car and make sure the route you take is safe. Let a friend drive in front of you or check the route first. Your drying room should be prepared and ready to use. You’re almost there…

More about harvesting next week. Download my free grow guide and order some high quality seeds at this link here. We ship seeds to the US, CA and many other countries. If you have any growing related questions please visit my marijuana support page.

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7 thoughts on “Are You Ready To Harvest Your Outdoor Marijuana Plants?

  1. Hi this week is only going to b in the low 60’s and nights in the high 40’s. white hairs r turning orange . should I take my plant indoors or just harvest

  2. Take it in, at night . Let it sun during the day, If the Lower limbs tiny buds are still shooting White pistils. Its not ready when they turn orange it is . However , If you have broke them off listening to the ones that say that will never be nothing it takes away from the plant . That is what the lower limbs do . They let you know when its time to harvest. that’s what they are for, The Petty So called growers on youtube are amature Idiots.. I grew my first crop in 1974. With my advise your plant should be fine.

  3. 40 degrees. i don’t thing is to cold for them.They may turn a little purple. But long as it don’t freeze u should be fine. But yes if it gets colder than that then i would probaly take them in at night. But for now u will be fine.

  4. Had 8 plants, but half of them turned male week of Aug 18th soon after they began flowering. Now I have one HUGE MONSTER plant, but the other three are not as far along. I will likely have to harvest the big one a week or two before the others.

    Michigan weather has been very cold at night. If they started flowering week of August 18th, how much longer before they might be ready for harvest?

  5. It depends on the strain. From 8 to 91/2 weeks. If you pick eariy , they say your weed will be a more speedy or fast high. If you go later a stronger or sit on the couch type high.


  7. Just received my seeds and have two things to say. First thanks for the extremely fast delivery, only took six days, and that was the weekend included. Second loved your stealthy packaging, found nine right away, but it took me four more times to find my last little girl. Looking forward to the end results.

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