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Marijuana composting

Composting is just a way of duplicating the conditions and qualities of good soil for your marijuana plants. It is easy since it relies on your waste products, things that you were going to rid yourself of anyway such as green grass clippings, leaves, fish scraps, dried flowers, bones, anything vegetable from your kitchen that you don’t eat like corncobs, plant skins (even old marijuana plants), et cetera. Meats and animal fat should not be composted as they create a haven for maggots and parasites that do nothing to help create healthy, fertile soil. Most manure is great, except pets (dogs and cats), and some people recommend against pine needles since they decrease the PH and take a long time to break down anyway.


When composting, try to shred everything you put into the pile because that speeds the process greatly. It is as much an art as it is a science in that there are as many different ways to do it as there are reasons for it being done. Just remember that layering your piles is important, and preventing the circulation of air within the pile is bad. Remember that you can PH test the compost and add lime or bonemeal to change the PH in either direction. Since most of us do not live on farms, gathering a good mix of organic items won’t happen in a short period of time. This is it why it may take months to make a good mix. But once accomplished, your composting efforts will have created much better soil than is available in most garden stores.


Because even chemical marijuana growers will likely need to augment their soil, the next article is a partial list of some organic additives that can enhance the soil quality. This is by no means exhaustive as marijuana growers have been known to add all kinds of things, but this should get you through most seasons. For a more complete list there are many online  or print resources. Some of these will even tell you the exact ratios of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus contained in each and when in the season they may be most appropriate.

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