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Marijuana using other plants as a guide

No matter which hemisphere you are planting in, marijuana will grow during the summer months when the sun is longest in the sky and the nights are short. Looking at the growth cycles of other plants in your area can benefit the savvy grower in two main ways. First, it can help you gather information about your growing climates since the harvest times for these plants are similar and you should typically plant around the same time.

Some examples of typical summer plants are corn (the best guide) and tomatoes. There are also myriad plants and bushes that need to be started early in the spring. You can’t approach a garden store asking specifically about marijuana plants, but you can hide your real reason for asking. For instance, a conversation with an employee might clue you into subtle facts about the season’s rainfall, or pests that you might not have considered. Also, he may inadvertently tip you off about good or poor sites, since he should have good knowledge of the local conditions. Granted this information won’t be 100% transferable, but it should give you a good baseline.


Secondly if you find a plant that is green and grows to a tall height (or even one that isn’t green) it may help you camouflage your marijuana plants. A popular grower trick, particularly for those growing in urban areas, is to attach flowers to their marijuana plants throughout the season to imitate a local plant. The flowers are tied on loosely but the effect works when seen from say, the street below or a helicopter overhead.

One cannabis grower whose plants were on his balcony used this method in conjunction with tying down some branches. Along the rim of the balcony were planters with jasmine, spider plants, and other leafy green plants that created a lush sensation. When seen from below it looked as if he merely had a green thumb. Other cannabis growers will plant bushes or maybe even bamboo to create an environmental shield around the plant site contained within. This won’t work though, if your plants soon outgrow the smaller protective barrier. Marijuana grows rapidly and will shoot upwards if it thinks it needs to in order to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Therefore, don’t plant your own plants too close together, and definitely don’t plant your shield too close. It will be self-defeating.


Basically keeping in mind what else grows in your environment can be useful. Either it will aid in your marijuana plants’ being healthier and stronger, or it will prevent them from being stolen or seized. Remember, what you are growing is part of the ecosystem you are working within so any information you can get about local plants may help.

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