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I love marijuana harvesting

Marijuana harvesting

The process of harvesting marijuana is very simple and there are several methods that you can choose from. The goal is to get the marijuana plants out of the ground, so use any method that will accomplish that goal. As we have discussed, the timing of the harvest is the issue that most cannabis growers have problems with, since they don’t quite know when their plants are done.


The legal issues concerning your marijuana plants are at their height during the harvest. It is hard to deny ownership of the plants as you are cutting them down. Take extra precautions as the date approaches. Tell nobody that the harvest date is approaching and on the day you’re actually going to the fiends be extra evasive about your whereabouts. Every time you visit your marijuana plants, from planting through to harvesting, you should always make sure the area is clears On the harvest day or days don’t let your excitement about the forthcoming yield cause you to lower your guard. Take the proper steps and plan your trip well. Decide how you’re going to harvest and bring the appropriate tools.


Bring bags that aren’t see-through and cut the marijuana plants into manageable lengths. Aesthetically it is preferable to see the long stalks almost as they were in the ground, but this is usually not practical. Working quickly and efficiently, cut the stalks into sizes that will fit in your bags. At the time of your harvest and during the drive home, your legal risk is at its highest. You will be in possession of a large amount of marijuana.


Use the methods described above to decide when to harvest and simply get the marijuana plants out of the ground. Any harvesting should be done well before the first frost, and ideally in good, clear, sunny weather. If, for whatever reason, you harvest in the rain, don’t worry; drying times won’t be increased too much, and both the flowers and the resin glands will be fine. Once you’re safely home with your plants secured, relax, you’re almost there.


There are no hard and fast rules to predicting yield but there are indications as to whether it will be a great, good, or disappointing growing season. Soil quality, water, and of course sunlight are all variables, which if you account for them, will enhance rather than hinder your harvest. As a minimum five-foot tall marijuana plant should produce around two to six ounces of recoverable bud. As the plant grows taller and bushier you can expect more. However, any changes that have occurred since the marijuana plant has reached harvest time such as pest infestation, or even fungus, etc… will severely limit your yield.

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2 thoughts on “Outdoor Marijuana Growing – Harvesting

  1. really needing to know how to properly cure and dry bud the right way. last time I tried the buds crumbled in my hands! way too dry and I only dry for 2 days. help!!!

  2. hello good info the chemical/nutrient part was my deficeincy in growing even though i started in corn feilds of my grandpas farm at 12 i was told to just plant in a mound and bend and tie them too a stake when higher than the corn ive had some 20 footers any way i was wanting to share my comment on drying i do exactly as you state in the grow bible although i hang in my spare bathroom as i grow indoors now just attach a couple 2x4s on each end of walls run string across the room and let em dry a couple days with the tub full of water and i have never had a single problem except smell so naturaly the charcoal fiter and fan are in the room and it just keeps the air flow and smeel free thanks for a great little book peace to all.

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