How To Harvest Twice Per Season?

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Two harvests per season

There are a couple of techniques that cannabis growers employ as they near harvest time that can lead to what is known as a second harvest. This will obviously depend on the climate in your area, as cannabis crops grown in northern climes may be vulnerable to frost or other adverse effects of seasonal change.

For temperate zones and areas in which the weather in the beginning of fall is relatively benign, it may be possible to initially harvest your marijuana plants in a manner that will enable you to harvest weed a second time, a few weeks later. Please download my free outdoor grow guide on this link.

The process starts with the initial harvest. After you’ve taken the bulk of the harvest, leaving only the very smallest flowers, and most of the leaf, you should repeat the process that initially started your growth cycle. Water your marijuana plants thoroughly, and mix in a freshly prepared batch of fertilizer to supply your plants with all the necessary materials for growth. The goal is to encourage the marijuana plants to return to the start of flowering and to continue flowering. Leaving the leaves encourages new flower growth since they will still be receiving and processing copious amounts of sunlight.

The fact that the light will have changed means that the marijuana plant will naturally be in the flowering stage. However, if your climate stays relatively mild, or even if you are in tropical areas, then it is likely that you could continue the vegetative state for longer by breaking up the period of light. To do this, shine a bright flashlight over the entire surface area of the marijuana plant, during the night.

This will, as mentioned before, encourage growth. Once you are ready for the marijuana plants to flower, stop the interrupted darkness. Since it takes a few weeks to flower, factor this in when deciding how long to enable growth. If the frost of cold weather is coming in two weeks, you should have encouraged flowering at least three weeks before.

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