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Panda Film GRO1 Black & White Film

Panda Film GRO1 Black & White Film

Panda Film GRO1 Black & White Film:

If there is one other thing that the advancements in horticulture have brought to modern growers, it has to be convenience. To wit, the process of growing certain species of plants indoors are now made easier and more efficient. Although this convenience comes with a price, it is usually worth it.

It turns out that indoor growing is now becoming more popular than ever especially among cannabis cultivators. This is due to the fact that it is easier to monitor the overall health of plants inside a grow room where everything from humidity, nutrition intake, light supply, and many others are constantly checked and maintained. At the same time, with all the meticulous processes mentioned above, growers will have total control on the plant’s potential yield.
However, indoor cultivation comes with a challenge and sufficient budget, to say the least. This is mostly because creating the ideal growing environment inside a grow room requires a number of equipment.

One of the essential things needed in setting up an indoor garden is a grow light. By the name itself, the device acts as a source of light for the plants grown indoors. With the absence of the sun, these grow lights must be bright enough to properly mimic the sunlight, besides providing the right color spectrum.

In that case, some growers may see the need for more grow lights, especially in larger gardens. However, using more grow lights could mean an increase in the grower’s total expenses. Hence, the most effective and cheapest way to maximize the light inside a grow room is to use reflective films.

If properly installed, these reflective films can maximize the light inside a grow room without having to utilize so many grow lights. As its name suggests, these films reflect more light towards the plants, including those hard to reach areas that are normally not within the range of the grow light.

There are a lot of manufacturers offering products with reflective features, so the problem now becomes about choosing the best one among the rest. On that note,this review will help prospective consumers decide on the matter by covering one the many reflective films out there. This particular product is from Panda Film. More details about this reflective film are provided in the following sections.

Panda Film

panda_filmAs much as we all would like to know more about Panda Film, there is no available information about the company that one can find on the web. Nonetheless, there are multiple sellers on Amazon who are selling this product for varying prices.

While this could be a minimal issue to some, the lack of information about a product’s manufacturer can mean that consumers might find it hard to contact them in the case of any complaints about the actual product.

Key Features of Panda Film GRO1 Black & White Film

Panda_FilmThe main objective of installing reflective films is to be able to maximize whatever amount of light available. Hence, the reflective capacity of a product determines how much light it can project back into the surroundings, and this becomes the baseline data for prospective consumers to base their decision on whether or not a product is a worthy investment.

It is important to note that reflective films can come in different designs, textures, sizes, and functionalities. These things can sometimes affect the reflective capacity of a product. On that note, let us check on Panda Film’s Black & White Film and see whether the product can meet the expectations of consumers.


Panda Film’s black and white film is a 5.5-mil grade sheet. According to the manufacturer, this film’s reflective side is capable of reflecting around 90% of light. Unlike the common mylar sheets, this sheet appears to have a reflectivity that is significantly lower. Nonetheless, it still functions the same way as the mylar sheets do.


This particular film measures 10’ x 50’ and is said to be waterproof and algae and mold resistant. It is ideally used in grow rooms with the white side facing the plants for better reflectivity.

The black side of the film is meant to block unwanted lights coming from the sun or any artificial source of light which means that some indoor growers may not necessarily find this feature useful.

Either way, the film can easily be installed on walls or the floor depending on where the consumer intends to use it.

The Panda Film GRO1 Black & White Film

Panda_FilmFirst of all, this reflective film from Panda Film has received very minimal reviews. Although, judging by the information provided by the consumers, this product seems to serve its purpose quite well. In fact, there are no complaints when it comes to its handling or effectiveness.

However, it is but natural for any product to receive some criticisms here and there or for consumers to encounter a few problems. In this case, some consumers were having issues about the actual measurements of the product not measuring exactly as described.

Otherwise, this product appears to have satisfactorily performed well for the most part. Note that the feedbacks from consumers do not necessarily specify where they used the film for. Nonetheless, the important things is that the majority of users are happy with their purchase.

This further tells us that this product may be a good choice for indoor growers out there.

Pass or Buy the Panda Film GRO1 Black & White Film

Panda_FilmWith a price tag that can reach as high as a little over $68, this film is quite pricey. However, for the functionality, the price does seem to be reasonable enough.

Speaking of functionality, the flexibility of this film may be a good thing for some, but it is certainly not beneficial for those who are only looking for simple reflective films. If anything, it is unreasonable to avail of such dual functionality without even using both.

On that note, it should be best for prospective consumers to think about whetheror not they need both features before even doing anything. If so, then this product could really be a bang for one’s buck. However, if one only needs either of those functionalities, then it would be best to invest in films that are purely reflective and are significantly cheaper. Buy Panda Film GRO1 Black & White Film Here!

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