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Pineapple Express in Soil

Pineapple Express in Soil

Pineapple Express in Soil

Thanks to the 2008 Seth Rogen film, Pineapple Express gained popularity among cannabis growers and users. Its smell has always been compared to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine and cedar. This hard-hitting hybrid gives a long-lasting energetic buzz!

This grow journal shows the challenges and excitement of growing Pineapple Express in soil.

Grower: Scrogdawg
Yield: 680g
Location: Western Canada

December 19th

This grow starts in a new grow room with 5 Pineapple Express seeds and 1 Girl Scout Cookie. The supplies used are:

  • Coco Loco soil from Fox Farm
  • 5×6.5 ft. grow room with an exhaust through a 6-inch vortex fan with a 6×24” filter and a 6×24” passive intake
  • Botanicare Grow and Karma
  • Xtrasun 64 hood light for veg
  • DE boss reflector hood with a Galaxy De Select-A-Watt 1000 Ballast for flower

Here are some photos of the new grow room.

December 23rd

And we have plants! At an indoor humidity of 26% and room temperature of 88°F, these babies are growing in a great environment.

December 26th

The grow room is finished! It’s been upgraded with the installation of a hurricane fan and an exhaust that runs under the house.

It’s also a good time to transfer the new seedlings into their new pots.

January 5th

All the plants seem to be doing well. They’re a little thirsty but they’ll be receiving water from an RO system once it’s hooked up. For now they just receive a little water around them.

January 8th

The plants seem to be a little behind on growth. They’re supposed to be topped today but they’re not ready. Their slowness could be due to the low temperature. During lights out, they can hit as low as 50°F. I’m going to shorten my lights out time just until the temperature warms up again.

January 11th

We’re now at Day 17 and the plants are not ready to top! The only things which are different from the last grow are more Perlites for the soil and the bigger grow room. The temperature drops to 50°F at times but it was finally corrected with a small heater. The plants don’t look sick or anything. They’re just slow.

January 14th

The plants are still showing slow growth but now they’re starting to curl up at the ends.

January 16th

The girls received water last Saturday. They got 4 gallons of reservoir water, a gallon of well water, and a quarter dose of nutrients. 3 were topped on Saturday and 3 more on Sunday. Their leaves are pointing up a little more than usual so they’re in better shape than before.

January 18th

All efforts and patience paid off! The ladies finally had a growth spurt! They’re happy and healthy despite the light getting a little hot at 90°F.

January 23rd

Things are going ok. They’re starting to show pistils but it’s worrying me a bit because the plants are still small. A smaller yield may be expected but it’s no big deal.

I also went ahead and got a little more aggressive in giving them LST this time around. They’ll keep on getting LST until they stop growing and switch to bud production. They may be small but they should keep spreading their branches outward to open them up and maximize their potential.

January 28th

Another update just to keep track of how their training is going.

February 6th

This is their second watering with Bloom nutes. These babies are growing constantly but they have a lot of catching up to do.

February 12th

The ladies need to have more sunlight reach their lower branches. It’s time for a trim.

Here they are sporting their new haircuts!

January 16th

A new air conditioner was installed today and now room temperatures have stabilized at 82°F. It’s not bad but we still need to maintain good humidity levels between 45-55% or close to it. Current humidity is 51%.

February 18th

It’s time for some lights to go out. Some leaves were curling even though the temperatures are low so it might be because of the 1000w light intensity. For now, it’s been switched down to 875w. Let’s see how they do.

February 23rd

Still having some leaves curl. If you look closely, only the leaves towards the center of the light curl up. Maybe it’s a good idea to spin the plants every day.

February 26th

The young ladies are very perky after some watering. They’re getting progressively bigger than before.

They have at least 4 more weeks to go and the 5 Pineapple Express plants should yield about a pound. The lights are also running at 750w now. Two of the plants are small but fat.

March 3rd

The Helios controllers arrived. They’re perfect for scheduling light!

They’re all hooked up now and they’re far more convenient than the analog timers.

March 5th

The girls were taken out for some water tonight.

As you can see, the flowers are blooming awesomely!

March 8th

Here are some canopy shots. The thick foliage should yield plenty of good produce for a lot of good times!

March 18th

Here are trichome photos after they received some water. It’s going to be some time before they turn more amber.

March 24th

5 of the 6 ladies were flushed tonight.

And here’s a little sample for drying.

March 28th

The Girl Scout Cookies received some flushing too.

March 31st

As harvest draws nearer, the ladies just keep on growing and becoming thirstier. Here they are after a night of watering.

April 5th

This is their last watering before they get chopped down on Friday! They look so dense despite their rocky start. There’s plenty of bud for the little area they took up. And the sample bud from a couple weeks ago is all smoked up because it was so nice.

April 7th

And here they are hanging after being chopped.

These yielded 680g total but they have better quality than the previous harvest!

Grower: Scrogdawg
Yield: 680g
Location: Western Canada

This grow was basically problem-free. The only problem encountered were rolling leaves which was corrected with the right tweaks in temperature.

There are many more cannabis strains you can try growing! Some of them may even be easier to grow than Pineapple Express. Try growing your own marijuana at home today!

What other marijuana strains are easy to grow?

Happy growing!

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By Ozzimotosan on 21 July 2017

Awesome! Thanks for the tips. I did 5 Pineapple Haze, and ended up with about half your yield.
I’m sure it’s mostly due to LED Grow Lights (850, 750, and 350).

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