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Marijuana Task Force Reveals Their Plans for a Legalized Canada

Marijuana Task Force Reveals Their Plans for a Legalized Canada

With all the news about marijuana legalization in the United States, it’s easy to overlook its northern neighbor - Canada. However, a government- led task force revealed that the people of Canada are strongly in favor of legal weed. They compiled over five months of research and delivered their findings to the Canadian government late November.

Their findings are based on research, interviews, and observation of other legalized states and countries. They are using these findings to make recommendations on how Canada might legalize marijuana.  After two weeks, those recommendations have been released to the public.

Here are some of them:

Lower the Age

Unlike Americans, Canadians can drink alcohol at 18 (rather than 21). The Canadian task force is proposing similar rules for marijuana consumption. Alcohol mixed with cannabis, however, is bad. They may even prohibit cannabis/tobacco blends.

Edibles in Small Doses

Canadians can buy edible products, but they should be single serve. They also suggest banning products that might attract children and ensure strict, child-proof packaging. To help protect children, they plan to prohibit gummy bears or other candy-looking edibles.

No Advertisements

Whereas US recreational weed includes marijuana branding, celebrity sponsorship, and prominent billboard ads, Canada wants the opposite. All products would have plain packaging that lists the company, strain, and THC/CBD content.

Home Growing

Adults 18 and older can grow marijuana for recreational use - up to four plants per residence. Height matters, though – plants can’t be taller than 3 feet.

These are only a few of their suggestions. Other recommendations included policies around mail order delivery, cannabis clubs, and decriminalization. To help the current medical users, they recommended increased government-funded medical research.

Although Canada is planning to legalize on a national level, like the United States, each province would control their individual marijuana policies. They plan to evaluate the program every five years.

In total, the task force made more than 80 recommendations which they delivered to the federal government. The findings and recommendations are the first significant step toward fully legal marijuana in Canada. They are a follow up to Federal Health Minister Jane Philpott announcement on 4/20/16 to take serious efforts to legalize marijuana by Spring 2017.

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