Symptoms And Solutions For Plant Moisture Stress

I love marijuana plant moisture stress

Marijuana plant moisture stress

It is important for a cannabis grower to know exactly what causes the problems for its marijuana plants and how to solve them. There are some cases which have similar cause and may have common symptoms. If the diagnosis is wrong, this may cause the death of the marijauna plant. This guide offers some simple solutions to problems with plant moisture stress which might be of help to cannabis growers.


Firstly, one problem might be over-fertilizing. It can be recognised by the cupped leafs and also their margin rolls and burns, Moisture stress is shown firstly by the leaf and its parts which are often margin rolling or burning. The leaf becomes harder when touching. High concentrations of salts causes imbalance if the water levels because the whole water goes in the direction of the root. Too much feeding can also cause a burning of the root of the plant and their tips which are very sensitive.


When the heat levels are high, the plant loses water from the leaves faster that the speed by which it is replace by the roots. The leaf responds to this with the commonly known symptoms. For instance, in the hot summer days the grass appears turf and broad-bladed because of the high noon temperatures, the high salinity of the soil and also the lack of water which has evaporated due to the heat. High heat can affect the leaves permanently even if it is induced for a short period of time. Only new growth in the plant can be regarded as an indication of the problem being corrected.

High light as odd as it may seem can also be the cause for destruction of chlorophyll. It is often connected with high heat. An example is the case with cannabis which does not usually receive much light because of the places it grows. It is grown in rooms where the natural sunlight hardly reaches the plants and they are not prone to high light levels. You have to concentrate on the development of the root system and keep the plants in the shades.


Overwatering weakens the root systems because it changes the normal exchange of gases in the root. It prevents them from getting oxygen. Due to this, the root declines and the leaves start to look stressed and the growth diminish and in some cases the plant dies. The addition of more plant food will not solve this problem.

Under watering is not only causing low levels of moisture but it also makes the production of carbohydrates more difficult. The solution of this problem is reached by careful and graduate addition of water until the plant is fully moisturised. However, be careful not to add too much water. You do not have to wait for the time when the soil is completely dry. Moreover, leaching can help as well because it aids you to dispose of unnecessary salts.


These are some of the problems that may occur due to excessive or low moisturising of the plant. The solutions are quite simple but work like a charm all the time.

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