3 – Reddening of the marijuana pistils

Marijuana pistil reddening

The most visible indication to see if the marijuana plant is ready for harvest is reddening of the pistils

-If all of the pistils are white, the plant is not ready yet.

-If 30 to 70 % of them are red, the plant can be harvested.

-If all the pistils are red, the flowering period is over and the quality will be less

If you prefer a stimulating effect, you should harvest the marijuana plant a little immature. And if you prefer a little benumbing effect, you should harvest the plant when its ripe. To define your flavor, try harvesting some plants early and some plants when they are more mature.


Another way to tell if you’re plants are ready to harvest is by looking at the resin through a magnifying glass. Depending of the maturity of themarijuana plant you will see the glands are enlarged. They are a little deformed and transparent at first but they become rounder and amber-colored in a later stage.


When most of the resin is round, sticky, shiny, and transparent, the marijuana is ripe. If the resin turns amber and starts to deteriorate you should harvest quickly. The resin combines with oxygen and the quality will suffer.

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