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Residential Marijuana Production Might Legalize Soon In New Hampshire

Residential Marijuana Production Might Legalize Soon In New Hampshire

The medical marijuana industry has been in the revival period for the past few years, and the United States has been on the forefront. Although the drug has already been legalized in most states in the country, there is a major dispute among the federal and state officials in this regard. While the former still condemns the use of marijuana, several state laws have allowed its use for the proven medical benefits it offers.

There are also several states of the US that although have legalized cannabis, but have put restrictions regarding the production, possession, use, and distribution of the drug. One of such states is

New Hampshire. This state has strict conditions on the use of cannabis. The good part is that a recent proposal might loosen these restrictions.

Recently, certain policy proposals of marijuana were considered by the New Hampshire legislature. Among the several topics set up for discussion regarding the matter, one was about the production of marijuana. It was about allowing residential pot growing in New Hampshire. Furthermore, another discussion also aimed at adding to the conditions that would qualify for the medical marijuana treatment.

Chronic pains and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) were specifically mentioned in this regard.


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The state’s Public Radio revealed that it was not an easy road for the measures to reach the Senate. However, unlike what most people thought, the measures cleared the House in an overwhelming fashion.

With those results, advocates of medical marijuana are quite optimistic about the results in the Senate.

A great number of people supported the proposals made in the hearings last week. Many even went on to tell their personal stories about the positive effects that medical marijuana has had on their lives. One of the women testified that she was sexually assaulted which caused traumatic psychological problems to her, but the use of medical marijuana helped her heal greatly.

Rep. Jerry Knirk—also a retired spine surgeon—was also among the people who testified in favor of the drug. He specifically backed the point of adding chronic pains to the illnesses that allow the use of medical marijuana. To support this, he said that according to research, marijuana can be an even better remedy than opioids especially in the case of chronic pains.


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As of the moment, New Hampshire does not take allow the recreational use of cannabis. In fact, it is the only New England state that prosecutes those possessing marijuana regardless of the amount they possess. This is due to the failure of the decriminalization bill that took place in the Congress of New Hampshire about a year ago.

Things, however, look positive with the recently proposed bill. The House Bill 640, if accepted, will go on to allow users to possess an ounce of recreational marijuana at most. While the hopes are high for the bill to pass the Senate as well, nothing can be said with absolute certainty, at least not right now. Users of the drug are impatiently waiting for the decision to take place.

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