38 – Rockwool marijuana growing

Growing marijuana on rockwool

Rockwool is a dormant mineral, which is not expensive or heavy. It also reserves water very well. It consists of basalt and a mineral that holds silicon. It can be bought as a stuffing, a block or as a one meter plaque. Watering has to happen in cycles, because it holds a lot of water. If you repeat the cycle too often, there won’t be enough oxygen available and fungus will arise. If you don’t water it enough the marijuana plant will stop developing and eventually die.


Pumps connected to a dripper can be used to make sure the right amount of nutriment solution is applied.

Rockwool is a very cheap and good product to use for professionals, but for an amateur it has its downsides. If you still want to try it please try to follow the guidelines below:

-Isolation rockwool is not to be used. There are often chemicals on this type of rockwool that will screw up your marijuana. Look for rockwool that can be used for growing.

-Dry rockwool can be dangerous for the longs and irritating for the skin. Wear protection! Fortunately, wet rockwool is harmless.


-Rockwool contains alkali and has to be neutralized in a solution of pH value 4-5 before using it. This has to be done for a natural day.

-If you want to keep the pH- level low, never put a platter under the pot!

-When working with rockwool it is necessary to make a construction that catches the surplus water, as you always have to give rockwool 10% too much water against toxic mineral concentrations. Do Not re-use this water. Use a solution for it that contains enzymes that break down rot in the marijuana plant. That prevents fungus on the roots.

-As mentioned above, do not use a lot of water at the same time. Use a pump or a drip feed system so the marijuana plants are gradually fed.

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