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ROOR Zuma Straight Cylinder Glass Ice Bong

ROOR Zuma Straight Cylinder Glass Ice Bong

ROOR Zuma Straight Cylinder Glass Ice Bong:

Sometimes, with all things being equal, it is the size that matters. At least, in the case of ice bongs, that is. The average amount of air taken into the lungs in a single breath is called tidal volume. For adults, it is roughly 1/2 liter. The Zumo ice bong from ROOR can provide more than that. In fact, it can provide a little more than twice as much.

The sheer capacity of this bong is not for everyone. But there are individuals who are anything but ordinary. As such, ROOR made sure that there is one for people who need more than average.

ROOR is the same brand that introduced their Tiny Siesta ice bong for people who wants to use smaller capacity bongs. Founded by Martin Birzle, the company quickly rose to fame and known for its handmade glass smoking accessories.

Rather than producing crudely made products, theirs is an example of the finest German craftsmanship. From one bong at a time, the company now has a complete range of products that are made available worldwide through retailers.

One of the keys to their success is that they make products that not only looks beautiful. More important, these products deliver the best experience to its users.

On this article, we take a closer look at their massive glass ice bong.

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Zuma Straight Cylinder Glass Ice Bong

ROOR- Ice BongFor people who have used this bong, it does not matter who and where they are. It also does not matter whichever herb they prefer to use. One thing they can agree on is that size does matter.

Measuring 50cm (19.75 inches) and having a diameter of 6.5cm, this monster has the capacity for over 1 liter of smoke.

Here are some of its key features as provided by the brand.

Made in Germany
High-grade Schott-Duran borosilicate glass
Glass non-diffuser downtube
Glass slide bowl with glass bead roll stopper
Includes ROOR 3-point glass screen
ROOR logo in orange with signature
Choose 29.2mm (mono-stable) or 18.8mm (bi-stable) joint size
Ice notches
No carb hole

As mentioned, ROOR bongs are examples of great German craftsmanship. They use the highest quality Schott-Duran 4.2mm borosilicate glass as its main material for creating this work of art. Backed by almost 40 years of experience and an intricate knowledge of physics, this ice bong has the perfect balance of water and volume.

Although 18.8mm joint is the most popular size, customers do have the choice of picking 29.2mm joint.

The 18.8mm version has the proprietary bi-stable joint that is not only twice thicker but also doubly stronger as it has 40% more glass that makes it far more durable. On the other hand, the 29.2mm version comes with a monostable joint.

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ROOR- Ice BongLooking at the straight cylinder, one of the first thing that many people notices is the logo of ROOR. While a lot of other brands does the same thing, few can match the prestige that comes with having one from this brand.

In this industry, ROOR is synonymous with quality and luxury. The item ships to users and is ready to use. Some of its inclusions are the glass slide bowl with a bead roll stopper, an open-end downstem, and a 3-point glass screen.

Looking at some feedbacks from customers from different sources, the consensus or rather, the overwhelming majority of people who bought the Zuma glass ice bong are very satisfied. That is very important as these are observations made by the users and not the marketing pitches of the brand or any vendors.

Cost and Availability

ROOR- Ice BongROOR Zuma glass ice bong is available from Grasscity. It is one of the top retailers of smoking accessories in the world. At the time this article was published, they have it listed at $269. Besides free shipping, they also have a price match guarantee.

Here are some tips for customers who purchase this bong.

Check and make sure that there are no missing parts or items.
Visually inspect to make sure there are no signs of damage.
Because it is handmade, the size and shape of the downstem may vary a little bit from the published specifications. The brand advises customers to take an exact measurement as this may come handy if there is a need to replace it in the future.

While it is made of the best glass material, it is still a fragile product. Needless to say, always handle with care, and this thing will provide years and years of exceptional experiences and fun.

Final Thoughts

ROOR- Ice BongThere is a consensus among the large base of happy customers that this straight cylinder glass ice bong is not only all about its brand name. In actual use, the smoke it delivers is smooth, and it can be made smoother by adding some ice cubes. So as long as the size of ice fits the tube, the ice notches should hold it in place.

Since the volume of smoke that it can hold is twice the tidal volume of the average human lungs, it is easy to say that it can provide twice the fun.

On pricing, it is true that it costs more than most of its competitors. One thing to remember is that these are handmade. Not to mention, ROOR is one of the most recognizable brands in bongs. When that is taken into consideration in addition to the smooth smoke it delivers, the logical conclusion is that it makes for an excellent choice among the shoppers and especially the users. Buy ROOR Zuma Straight Cylinder Glass Ice Bong Here!

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