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RX Green Solutions Axiom Harpin Protein Growth Stimulator

RX Green Solutions Axiom Harpin Protein Growth Stimulator

With the lack of mother nature’s back up, indoor grow rooms are more susceptible to potential outbreaks, including plant pathogens. Cultivator needs to constantly monitor and protect the plants since just one major outbreak can compromise the crop’s health. This is when Harpin proteins, a natural growth, and health stimulator, proves to be useful.

Harpin proteins are produced in nature by particular bacterial plant pathogens. What it does is to activate a process that naturally occurs in plants that boost the immune system to ward off diseases. Plants generate receptors on its roots, seeds, and foliage to reveal the presence of Harpin proteins which triggers an early warning system.

As the plants generate an HR or hypersensitive response, SAR or systemic acquired resistance and increased photosynthesis, resulting in a stronger structure and abundant yields come harvest season.

What is a hypersensitive response?

HR is a known plant mechanism that prevents pathogen infection to spread. Once activated, a rapid cell death at the infection site happens. This action then creates a physical barrier to disable pathogens from spreading any further into the plant. The application of Harpin proteins in the leaves triggers this defense mechanism on the plants, provoking the generation of the barricades.

What is systemic acquired resistance?

SAR, on the other hand, is a resistance response throughout the entire plant as a result of a limited exposure to a plant pathogen. The process can be compared to the human body’s immune system after a flu shot. In other words, the plants develop a natural defense system against similar viruses that may enter in the future.

SAR generates a plant-wide resistance against pathogens that it feels is threatening the crops. This protection results in enhanced immunity and better health of the plants.
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Axiom Harpin Protein Growth Stimulator

RX Green Solutions Axiom Harpin Protein Growth StimulatorRx Green Solutions’ Axiom Harpin Proteins activates a plant’s defense genes and growth that triggers in improved growth, increased quality and yield and longer shelf-life.

Axiom is a plant health promoter and growth stimulator, the next generation Harpin proteins originally found in Messenger by Eden Bioscience. It went through extensive research and rigorous testing on a different type of plants to validate is effectivity.

Using Axiom as a foliar spray has been proven to stimulate plant’s growth, strengthen its defense systems, increase yields and plant’s overall vigor. Available at Growers House, the 0.5-gram pack of three costs $7.84, 2-gram pack of three for $23.56 and the 2-ounce size for $78.56.

Axiom contains Harpin proteins, the signaling molecule that stimulates the plant's own immune system, which creates a systemic chain reaction. A starch-based buffer is included in the package to protect the protein. Axiom is non-toxic and completely safe effective plant health promoter.
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How Does Axiom Work?

RX Green Solutions Axiom Harpin Protein Growth StimulatorThe signaling protein in Axiom triggers a response in the plant immediately after spraying. The initial reaction is the hypersensitive response or HR, provoking the genetic code of the plant to generate an immune response. This then leads to the plant’s systemic acquired resistance or SAR, which results in healthier and stronger plants.

Plants grown with Axiom tend to fight off diseases better while producing first class quality yields, generously. This product works as a suitable part of a preventative measure protocol in the garden against pests and diseases.

Axiom Harpin Protein Benefits

  • Improves Plant Heath: Reduction of nematodes by an average of 50%
  • Increases Plant Yields: yield increases of 10-30% in vegetable crops
  • Accelerates Plant Development: Increased roots, fruit size & number; early flowering, fruit set, fruit maturation
  • Improved Photosynthesis
  • Enhanced Nutrient Uptake
  • Cell Wall Expansion
  • Denser Root Systems
  • Faster Flower Initiation, Fruit Set, and Size
  • Increased Fruit Sugars
  • Greater Environmental Stress Resistance
  • Reduction in Nematode Populations
  • Increased Shelf Life: Increases shelf life of fresh-cut vegetables by 5-7 days

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How to Use Axiom?

RX Green Solutions Axiom Harpin Protein Growth StimulatorAxiom is wonderfully easy to use and appropriate to be used along with most agricultural products. Chemicals, such as organic foliar sprays, pesticides, fungicides, and many other products.

For best results, apply as a foliar spray every two weeks during the vegetative and reproductive stages and once during the last week prior to harvest.

Once mixed, use within 12 hours to ensure product viability. Since it generates a systemic response, only a light mist is required. It is not necessary to maintain full coverage of every part of the plant.

Axiom is concentrated and is completely absorbed within 24 hours of application. In addition, chlorinated water will not harm the efficacy of Axiom.

Mix and coverage when applied as a oliar spray:

  • 0. 5g of Axiom with 32oz of water can cover up to 250 square feet.
  • 2.0g of Axiom with 1 gallon of water can cover up to 1,000 square feet.
  • 2.0oz of Axiom with 50 gallons of water can cover up to one acre.

For seed treatment application:

  • Soak the seeds in two grams of Axiom with 20 ml of water or an ounce of Axiom with 250 ml of water.
  • Let product sit and dissolve into a solution for at least 30 minutes.
  • Shake for a minute until Axiom is dissolved.
  • Then soak seeds or tubers for 10 minutes prior to planting.

This product is not intended for use as a soil drench, as its effect is mostly on the plant surface tissues. Moreover, Axiom should not be mixed with an oxidative agent, such as hydrogen peroxide.

Be careful not to saturate the crops when used as a light foliar spray. If applied as directed, the spray should dry within 30 minutes, and will not leave a residue on plant surfaces. Do not spray Axiom after lights turn off in your indoor garden to maximize results.

Due to the fast-acting nature of the proteins, over applying can cause a temporary shock reaction in the plant. If any plant stress is experienced after application, dilute solution further.

Axiom Harpin Protein has a long shelf life. Unopened packets can be used within 5 years. Opened packets should be used within 3 weeks. This can be extended if resealed and kept in a cool dark place. Buy RX Green Solutions Axiom Harpin Protein Growth Stimulator Click Here!

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