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Senator Harris Gives Jeff Sessions a Clear Warning

Senator Harris Gives Jeff Sessions a Clear Warning

Despite the number of threats and attempts to murder the US cannabis industry, not everyone is afraid of Jeff Sessions. The US Attorney General thinks he can make the state officials live in fear, but it was only recently that he realized that this is not the case. Senator Kamala Harris from California spoke up against the drug policies that the Trump administration has been trying to implement.

“in going after grandma’s medicinal marijuana.” In the Ideas Conference held last Tuesday, she said,

“Let me tell you what California needs, Jeff Sessions,” Harris said during a conference keynote. “We need support in dealing with transnational criminal organizations and dealing with human trafficking – not in going after grandma’s medicinal marijuana.”


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She continued with her comments saying,

“We need to do the smart thing, the right thing, and finally decriminalize marijuana.”

This was all in response to the recent memo that Jeff Sessions had proposed. The memo talks about punishing nonviolent drug offenders as severely as violent offenders. He wants all the criminals to face the toughest penalties regardless of their crime. This has sparked many debates around the country as punishing nonviolent criminals with several penalties is not a humane thing to do.

Senator Kamala Harris made it very clear that she is not advocating all drugs. She especially singled out marijuana, clarifying that while harmful drugs like meth or cocaine are surely punishable, marijuana is not among them. You can also not deny the fact that Sessions’ attempts to implement maximum sentences are nothing less than an implication of the fact that the war on drugs has failed drastically. This is actually a good thing as the so-called war only went on to elevate the persisting national drug problems.

Medical Marijuana

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An excellent point made by Senator Harris was that we need to cut down the points of sale of lethal drugs, so the drug cartels could be crippled and violent crimes can be halted. Instead, the “genius” Jeff is trying to overcrowd prisons where frankly, we are running out of capacity.

If things continue this way, the only establishments built by the federal government will be prisons. There is a lot that is more important than building prisons and overflowing them with an unnecessary number of criminals.

Furthermore, Senator Harris has also called for the cooperation of the Republicans and Democrats. She has only focused on the current drug policy issue as it is a commonly agreed ground for both the parties and helps them to work together.

Senator Kamala Harris is also thinking of giving it a go, to become the first female president of America. She plans on running for the post in the upcoming 2020 elections. If she succeeds the current
anomaly we refer to as President Trump, it is fair to say that the US will finally go back in good hands. Her measures as a Senator are a clear indication of her abilities to run the presidential post.

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