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Sessions Attacks Washington’s Governor

Sessions Attacks Washington’s Governor

August 08, 2017 Washington

There is great uncertainty as to whether the Justice Department will ever respect the state laws or not. In a letter sent by Sessions to the officials of Washington state, the letter bashed the legal system. It was actually sent to Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Governor Jay Inslee. It seems as if these people and their offices were targeted for challenging the Trump Administration over the White House travel ban.

Jeff Sessions has restated over and over again that cannabis is nothing but a dangerous drug. If he is right about something, it is his statement about the illegal distribution of marijuana and how it should be taken care of. However, what Sessions has missed out on is that there are strict regulations for the consumption and distribution of marijuana and him saying that the state’s not doing enough is simply a baseless reason to talk against the drug.


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To make his point, Jeff Sessions cited a law enforcement report from 2016. The report raises serious questions about the regulatory structure of cannabis in the state. In the letter, Sessions quoted various names including Huffington Post, the High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, and the US Office of National Drug Control only to make his point about Washington failing to regulate the industry in an effective manner.

He continues the letter stating that the medical cannabis market of this state falls in the grey area. According to him, it lacks oversight. Not only that, Session also bashes the recreational cannabis market stating that it is “also incompletely regulated.” Moving forward, Sessions talked about how home-grown cannabis here is elevating illegal cannabis sales in other states.

At several points of the letter, the statistics have been misleading. For instance, he stated that there were seventeen THC extraction labs that had exploded in 2014, making it seem as if the labs were operating as per the regulations. In reality, the exploded labs were all illegal, had unregulated facilities, and did not follow any operational guidelines.


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Session also misleads on the number of cannabis shipments that may have been diverted from Washington. While there may be a few, he claimed the number to be 43, which is unrealistically high, and certainly impossible. When it comes to underage consumption of cannabis, it is very clear that marijuana consumption by minors has either remained steady, or has fallen, in cannabis-legal states. Sessions though, claimed that minors are consuming it more than they did before, which is another misleading fact he has thrown into the letter.

The entire letter by Sessions is nothing but a bunch of accusations thrown towards the state. If he thinks that this would get him to write cannabis laws for states, he has to try harder. A survey conducted on the matter further showed that 76% Americans prefer states making their own cannabis laws than having the federal government’s intervention.

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