4 – Small or large marijuana plants

Grow small or large marijuana plants?

It doesn’t matter whether you choose small or large marijuana plants. The two techniques are equally fascinating. The advantage of using small marijuana plants is the short growth period when you force the plant to flower. There are people that take cuttings and place them together. When the cuttings take root, they’re put together. After they are put together you bring them into flowering. The most devoted growers have placed, per square meter, up to a 100 plants. If you use this technique, remember that the only possibility is to get one bud per plant. And when developing branches you shouldn’t waste any time.


Indoor cultivation can also take place in a little space or a space with low ceilings (like an attic or cellar). If you want to grow marijuana in a small space or a space with low ceilings the method is different. You have to install a large grow room and a high amount of cuttings is necessary every harvest. Depending on the strain, large marijuana plants need a certain amount of time to grow. It varies between three weeks up to two months. It also depends of the height you desire.

This will spare you a lot of dreadful work of taking many cuttings each harvest. When a marijuana plant has a solid and good structure, heavy flowers can be delivered.


Finally, if you can access the marijuana plants on a good working height you don’t have to bend down all the time.  Everyone must decide what they prefer.

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