Super Lemon Haze Indoor – Marijuana Strain Review

Super lemon haze indoor cannabis bud

Super Lemon Haze indoor marijuana

Super Lemon Haze General

As the name suggests, you can expect a distinct lemony scent in your grow room if you use Super Lemon Haze marijuana seeds. Many people have likened the aroma to Palmolive and it’s certainly a pleasant smell to have wafting around your home. It comes from various Skunk and Haze forebears but produces a plant and a smoke that is all its own. It’s also very beginner-friendly in that many newbies have found success with this strain.

Super Lemon Haze Smoking Effects

Clearly, the smell that is going to be most prominent while smoking Super Lemon Haze is the lemony, citrusy scent that you get from the plant itself. What good would a lemon-themed marijuana strain be if you didn’t get hose flavors, anyway? There are also some spice-like undertones that really give the strain a little kick. The high itself will give you big initial kick because of the sativa-dominant roots. It’s powerful and often immediate and tends to produce a nice heady high. Additionally, Super Lemon Haze will provide you with a consistent physical buzz that is often eminently relaxing. This lasts for a very long time.



Super Lemon Haze Plant Features

You might expect there to be some yellow growing on these plants somewhere, but it’s a pretty typical sativa strain in terms of growth patterns. It is shaped like a Christmas tree and the branches tend to be sturdy and full of buds. The thing that makes it so appealing to beginners is the fact that mold and fungal diseases are warded off by the plant’s genetics.

It’s a good idea to ensure that you’ve got some headroom as the plants can get as high as 100 inches (8 feet). It’s more likely that they’ll fit at the lower end of the spectrum (around 60 inches). Flowering is completed in about 9 or 10 weeks at which point you’ll get buds packed with a 20% THC content and about 18 ounces of marijuana per 10 square meters. Feminized Super Lemon Haze marijuana seeds are also available if needed.



Super Lemon Haze Medicinal Uses

Super Lemon Haze is frequently used for stress relief, but it’s also ideal for pain relief (especially related to muscle tension). In fact, Super Lemon Haze has been shown effective for treating muscle spasms. Many AIDS sufferers have also found relief from appetite loss when they use Super Lemon Haze. So, it has plenty of indications for a lot of different unfortunate physical and mental issues. Read more about indoor Super Lemon Haze marijuana seeds or one of our other strains.

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