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Super Skunk Marijuana Indoor Strain Review

Super Skunk Marijuana Indoor Strain Review

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Known throughout the world as a beloved marijuana strain, Super Skunk has one of the most distinctive highs among all the strains of marijuana. It is obviously an updated, crossed version of the original Skunk strain, but it sort of ups the ante for Skunk lovers. Super Skunk marijuana seeds have produced plenty of award-winning plants that have impressed professional cannabis judges and plenty of amateur aficionados. This indica-dominant strain is certainly one for the ages.

Super Skunk smoking effects

Super Skunk budThe deep, body buzz that Super Skunk provides is one filled with relaxation and pleasant thoughts. It takes the indica characteristics and puts them on full blast. Super Skunk tends to produce an attendant couch-lock effect that is actually pleasant in and of itself. This is largely because underlying sativa tones produce a clear-headed high. So, you get a very dense, calm feeling in your body coupled with a unique awareness of your surroundings. Of course, the other thing about smoking Super Skunk is the strong, skunky flavors and smells that you’ll get. The smell alone is enough to get you a little blissed. Please download my free grow bible and learn how to grow Super Skunk.

Super Skunk plant features

Super Skunk plant features

Again, the plants themselves will produce a characteristic skunky scent that will envelope your grow room. This is certainly a pleasant experience and it gives you a little taste of what’s to come. Super Skunk plants are generally light green in color and the buds have little brown hairs on them. The buds are also large and sticky and they force the branches and stems to be stout in order to hold up their weight.

The indica characteristics of Super Skunk mean that the plants won’t attain gigantic heights. You don’t really have to worry about space in your grow room with these plants. Flowering occurs over a period of around 7 to 9 weeks, and the yields at the end of that period are rather large. In fact, you can expect upwards of 21 ounces per 10 square feet. Super Skunk marijuana seeds that are feminized can tip the odds in your favor.

Super Skunk medicinal use

Super Skunk plant features

Because of the heavy, indica body buzz, insomnia is one of the biggest ailments that Super Skunk can treat. In fact, sleeping is almost a requirement when you use Super Skunk. That dense high is also beneficial for physical pain ranging from headaches to cramps. Super Skunk has also been known to produce a case of the munchies in patients suffering from a lack of appetite.

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By bill wakeham on 6 October 2014

The speed and service I received with this company is unlike any other seed provider out there. I have bought seeds from the biggest seed company’s out there and have not only dealt with headache and plain out crappy customer service I will never again deal with the headaches of wondering if I was just ripped off or wondering if they’ll ever be here. I love growing marijuana is the best site I’ve ever dealt with and will do many years of service through them. Thank you sooo much guys y’all are the shiznit.

By Travis on 24 November 2016

I just ordered 3 super skunk auto seeds from this company and got them right away and germinated over night so far I bet these are gonna be great!

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