Regular, Feminized and Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

It isn’t easy to pick out which marijuana seeds are best for you. This is especially true when you aren’t familiar with the different kinds of seeds. You can get seeds in both the male and female variety. Unless they have been specifically feminized, you will not know whether they are male or female. Although they cost more and many new growers, therefore, don’t buy them, it is well worth the extra cash to purchase feminized seeds. The outcome will be far more valuable than your initial savings from buying non-feminized ones.

In recent years, there have also been more and more autoflowering seeds available. So which of the three options (regular, feminized, or autoflowering) should you buy? Why is one better than the other? This article will cover the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Regular seeds
Feminized seeds
Autoflowering seeds
How to choose the best marijuana seeds

Regular seeds


Regular cannabis seeds






Regular marijuana seeds are exactly what they sound like: they are the seeds that are most like the ones that come about normally in nature. They come from a male and a female, and, therefore, can further create either male or female seeds. It is more or less impossible to identify a seed as male or female.

Males and females can be easily identified once they have reached their flowering stage. Females are identified via their calyx, which is a teardrop shape; Males are identified by their oval-shaped pods.

Regular marijuana seeds usually end up with a ratio of one-third male plants, two-thirds female. To be safe, you should assume this ratio will actually be 50-50. Then you can plan accordingly and germinate the right number of extra seeds so that you’ll be able to make up for the fact that you will be throwing out all the male plants later on.

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For some people, it is very practical to go for regular seeds rather than feminized seeds. They decide this according to their growing conditions, the space and time that they have, their own personal preference, and their level of knowledge and past experience with growing. Additionally, they may be interested in breeding their marijuana plants, meaning that regular seeds will be necessary. For the average grower who only wants a high yield in the end and is not interested in breeding plants, feminized seeds are usually the way to go. Click here for all our regular seeds

Feminized seeds


Feminized cannabis seeds







Feminized marijuana seeds are one of the most valuable, recent contributions to the marijuana growing world. They are seeds that have been bred so that they don’t possess male chromosomes, meaning that all the seeds are female. They are the best way for growers to ensure that their crop is as plentiful as possible.

Feminized seeds have basically eliminated the need for growers to identify which plants are female and which are male. They no longer need to go through the risky process of removing all their male plants before any of their female plants have been fertilized. It is also a more efficient way of growing since growers no longer need to take the extra male plants into account when they originally germinate their seeds. Since feminized seeds are guaranteed to be female, you instead can germinate the exact number of marijuana seeds as you want bud-producing plants in the end.

In certain conditions, all marijuana plants have the ability to create male or female flowers – even if they were the opposite sex to start with. This happens most often when they are under specific, stressful conditions in their environment. It is a survival instinct of sorts that have allowed marijuana plants to carry on their species despite less-than-ideal conditions. Female plants, for example, will be able to produce seeds without a male plant. Marijuana plants might end up with characteristics from either sex when they experience major drops in temperature, light cycle problems or other external factors.

Feminized seeds were originally created using two females rather than one male and one female plant. One of those female parents would have reacted under stress to produce its own seed without the use of a male. This was most likely a specifically induced stressor that the grower planned and executed to produce these exact results. The pollen from this plant would then be used to pollinate the regular female, meaning the resulting seed would have been made from two female plants and, therefore, will be female itself. One downside is that because of one hermaphroditic mother, seeds that were feminized in this way have a higher tendency to end up hermaphroditic.

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Luckily, seeds can also be feminized in other ways (such as using colloidal silver and silver thiosulfate). This means that even plants without hermaphroditic traits would be able to produce male cannabis flowers – in other words, seeds from those plants have no intersexual tendencies. Although hermaphroditism is naturally present in your marijuana plants’ genome, they will differ in how likely they are to actually exhibit those traits. Even if parents are “modified” in some way, the seeds themselves were produced via the natural pollination process, meaning that the end result is perfectly natural. Read the article How to make feminized marijuana seeds if you want to learn how to make your own seeds.

Autoflowering seeds


Autoflowering cannabis seeds






Autoflowering marijuana seeds end up as smaller plants which are best for growing outdoors. This is because the sunlight and other seasonal changes are not what triggers the flowering phase to begin in these plants; rather, they will flower “automatically.”

The normal pattern for regular marijuana plants is to have longer nights and shorter days trigger the flowering process. This is because they will need to grow their flowers as much as possible before the winter cold comes. Autoflowering plants, on the other hand, will flower even through a full 24 hours of light.

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The general rule of thumb for autoflowering plants is 10 weeks from germination to final harvest. You can even buy marijuana seeds that are both autoflowering and feminized, making things very easy for the grower. If you do buy these seeds, be sure to feed them a growth formula for the first two or three weeks, then switch to a flowering formula.


Because they have a shorter growing period, you could even fit two harvests into the regular growing season. Because autoflowering plants are smaller on average, they usually produce between 200 and 500 grams per square meter. That will vary according to how well looked after they are, of course.

You can also plant autoflowering seeds fairly close together since they produce a smaller plant. You can plant as many as two per square foot. As with anything, these advantages come at a cost, however: the yield amount and quality of the end result will not be as high as with normal marijuana plants. Click here for all our autoflowering marijuana seeds

Auto flower features


  • Height is between 12 and 23 inches, or 30 and 60 centimeters
  • Fine for growing outdoors
  • Automatic flowering phase begins three weeks in
  • The yield depends on amount of sunlight, but will be between 0.5 and 2 ounces per plant
  • The life span is between 9 and 10 weeks long

How to choose the best marijuana seeds


The best cannabis seeds





The process of deciding which marijuana seeds to grow is not an easy one, as it comes down to a lot of different factors. Perhaps most important is simply which kind of marijuana you like to smoke best, and which will be the most fun for you to grow. Do some research on the different strains and where they are best grown (indoors vs. outdoors, cold vs. warm climates).

Some strains are particularly difficult to grow, but the end result is amazing. Other strains are easier to grow and are more beginner-friendly because of their pest and stress resisting qualities. If you have never grown marijuana before, definitely go for one of those easier strains.

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There are two main categories of marijuana seeds. They are “Indica” and “Sativa.” Sometimes both of these strains will be combined so that properties of both end up in the resulting seeds. This might be because of a better yield or higher potency, or to make a stronger plant that is more consistent with its results.

Indica plants are usually shorter and stockier with buds that are small, dense, and very strong-smelling. Indicas flower before Sativas do and have a flowering phase of between six and nine weeks long. Sativa strains, on the other hand, are much larger with larger, less dense buds. If you’re growing outdoor, read the article Best outdoor marijuana seeds and learn which seeds are suitable for your climate.

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