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Tiger Pumps 120GPH Submersible Water Pump

Tiger Pumps 120GPH Submersible Water Pump

Tiger Pumps 120GPH Submersible Water Pump:

There has always been a struggle in the cannabis community when it comes to convincing the general public about the benefits of marijuana. But, a change of perspective can be seen as an increasing number of people have started to consider using marijuana as an alternative medication and have seen impressive results.

Hence, with the growing demand for both recreational and medical cannabis, cultivating these plants efficiently have never been more imperative. Although it is possible for home growers to grow cannabis on their own, there is always a need to keep the process as discrete as possible.

Speaking of being discrete, the stealthiest possible way is to grow the plants indoors. There are plenty of ways to make this possible, and one good example is to utilize a hydroponic system. This method has been around for years and has continued to evolve to provide more convenience to the growers and ultimately increase yields.

A hydroponic system can be setup in many ways, and there are instructions available on the web for novice growers on how to do that. Nonetheless, these systems almost always require a pump for the irrigation system. A larger setup would need a bigger pump. Consequently, smaller pumps can work for smaller installations.

Depending on a grower’s needs, there are various types of water pump available in the market. Although, for a hydroponic system, a submersible water pump is always ideal just like the one from Timer Pumps’. In fact, this review will cover the said product’s specifications and what consumers think about its overall performance and quality.

Tiger Pumps

Tiger_pumpsUnfortunately, Tiger Pumps’ company website is nowhere to be found. Their product listing over at Amazon also does not include any link whatsoever to a website where prospective consumers may learn more about their products just like what most manufacturers do.

Hence, it goes without saying that prospective consumers might find it difficult to prove the company’s credibility, if the deem it necessary, due to this lack of information.

Key Features of Tiger Pumps 120GPH Submersible Water Pump

tiger_pumpsEvery grower’s objective is to maximize the plants’ growth to ultimately gain a bountiful yield at the end of the season. However, ensuring a healthy garden can be a bit of a challenge especially when the plants are grown indoors.

In the case of marijuana, having an adequately controlled growing environment is not the only thing that growers should be worried about. Constant sufficient feeding is also necessary for the plants to thrive.

In a hydroponic setup, for example, the plants are typically fed through the irrigation system wherein all the nutrients are combined to form a nutritious water solution. Thus, a water pump has to be robust enough to provide the right amount of pressure to keep the water running as often as necessary.

Because the plants in a hydroponic setup are mainly dependent on water, it is a must to invest on high-quality water pumps. On that note, let us see if this pump from Tiger Pumps is indeed a bang for our buck.


Tiger Pumps’ submersible water pump has a maximum flow rate of 120GPH and a lift height of 5 feet. However, the manufacturer has no specific suggestions as to the ideal water volume for this pump. The outlet measurements are also missing on the product listing. Fortunately, one consumer was able to mention that the pump comes with 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch adapters for the tube/hose outlet.

Although this pump can be used for several purposes, it appears to work well for a small Ebb or Flood System. At least two consumers were able to use the pump for their hydroponic setup at home, and its performance was fairly impressive. One of them specifically used the pump to fill in a 10-gallon plant table, and the entire process was completed with ease.


This particular product is said to be equipped with an energy-saving and low-power design that can be seen by its 6 watts power consumption and an 110-120 V 60Hz power supply.

One more thing to point out is the fact the manufacturer has stated in the product description that the pump’s design is meant to produce minimal noise which is certainly a more realistic and safe claim rather than saying it does not create any mechanical sound whatsoever.

As it is, consumers seem to have no complaints about this device making any annoying noise, so that is a huge plus for Tiger Pumps. Also, the pump is pretty compact and lightweight, measuring only about 2.58″ x 1.61″ x 1.94″. Together with its four suction cup feet, this pump is easy to secure and does not take too much space.

The Tiger Pumps 120GPH Submersible Water Pump

tiger_pumpsUpon writing this review, the product appears to be out of stock and is therefore unavailable for purchase over at Amazon. While that could be a good thing on the part of the manufacturer and makes it easier for prospective consumers to think that this product is indeed sought-after by many, it is still hard not to notice some of the drawbacks of this product.

One common complaint about this pump is that it clogs up easily. Although any type or brand of water pump does need to be cleaned up once in a while, it would be more of an inconvenience if consumers have to do it more often than usual. On top of that, a clogged up pump is the last thing that a cannabis grower would want for his hydroponic system.

On the defense of the manufacturer, however, this problem could be due to the small size of the pump that makes the build-up of dirt relatively quicker. So far, the said issue has not been raised, or at least not yet, among those consumers using a hydroponic setup.

Nonetheless, the manufacturer offers a 100% Money-back Guarantee with a one-year limited warranty, so that is yet another advantage of this product.

Pass or Buy the Tiger Pumps 120GPH Submersible Water Pump?

tiger_pumpsThere is no doubt that this water pump can perform as expected. Although some consumers would have wanted more pressure, it is entirely unreasonable to expect much from such a tiny device.

Because a few customers with a hydroponic setup have personally tried this pump and were quite satisfied, this product should work just fine for the rest the prospective growers out there. Although, it is strongly suggested to use this on smaller setups and to consistently make sure to clean it up as often as necessary. Buy Tiger Pumps 120GPH Submersible Water Pump Here!

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