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To Solve the Cartel Problem, Not Cannabis, is The Top Priority of Trump and Sessions

To Solve the Cartel Problem, Not Cannabis, is The Top Priority of Trump and Sessions

President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have not yet discussed some important issues that the US faces. But still, there were rumors that the main priority of both Trump and Sessions will be to illegalize marijuana and to stop the use, sale and possession of it. It was also rumored that the Trump administration will try its level best to halt the legalization of cannabis where the legalization process is in pipeline.

If that’s all rumor then what is the real story? And what is the stance of Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the legalization of cannabis?

Well, we are not sorcerers who can dive deep into the Trump administration’s nebulous mind, but the interview given by Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones that was broadcasted in Capital Public Radio do provide us a vague picture as to what’s cooking in the White House.

Top Priority

Top Priority
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Sheriff Jones told the radio that he had a short talk with Jeff Sessions in Washington before he was appointed Attorney General by the Trump’s administration. He said that during the discussion Sessions was on the opinion that federal resources should not be used to combat the use of marijuana. That was because Sessions believed that using marijuana is a low-level local crime upon which the time shouldn’t be wasted.



This does not at all mean that Sessions would completely ignore the cannabis combating policy; rather it would follow a policy that will be akin to what the Obama administration followed. But still, we can’t be certain about it, after all, with Trump in the White House not even the Wall Street bankers are certain about the future of the country’s economy.

If the Trump administration follows the advice of Sessions, which we hope it will, then Trump and Sessions will focus jointly on the issue of dealing with the problem of drug cartels in the US, which is a burning issue, rather than wasting their time plotting about the illegalization of cannabis.

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