Three Different Types of Marijuana

Types of marijuana

Types of marijuana

Although two types of marijuana  are familiar to most people, there are in fact three different options. The first two—cannabis indica and cannabis sativa—are commonly known by weed enthusiasts across the globe. The third one—cannabis ruderalis—is generally known by its more common distinction of “hemp.” All three varieties comprise the genus of cannabis and all have their different functions. When growing and using, it’s important to know the distinctions between all the different forms of cannabis. After all, one strain could give you a pleasant high while another might give you extreme anxiety.
Hopefully, no strains of cannabis will give you any anxiety, but it is certainly interesting to find out about the different types 0f marijuana. Hemp, otherwise known as ditchweed, can actually be found growing naturally in ditches. Its primary commercial use is actually not in the avenue of smoking, but in rope production. In fact, it was generally agreed upon among cowboys that hemp ropes were considerably better than any other forms of rope. Of course, being that hemp is a member of the same family as marijuana makes it kind of an outlier. Still, many people cultivate hemp for a variety of purposes including rope production.


Cannabis indica tends to be shorter than its sativa counterpart and is used heavily in the production of hash and kif in certain Arabic countries. Indica comes from areas like Tibet, Morocco, and Afghanistan where it’s common to find kif in large quantities. When smoked, indica is said to have a sort of “body” high because it provides a calming almost hypnotic sensation that can almost lull you to sleep. The plants themselves generally have a very strong, skunk-like odor that can be off-putting to some of those who are uninitiated with cannabis.



Cannabis sativa tends to be the taller of the two main types of marijuana and was originally cultivated in tropical areas like Mexico and Southeast Asia. Since then, sativa has proven itself to be remarkably resilient to cold weather and has been known to grow well away from the equator. The scent that sativa generally emits is almost sweet and spicy with a bit of a fruity aroma as well. It is that spice that gives sativa a kind of an energetic high that can be described as “cerebral.” Sativa is commonly found in the United States if only because it was originally cultivated by our neighbors to the south.

The really great thing about marijuana is that it can come in so many different types. Although it only looks like 3 (really, 2) on paper, there are variations within each category that can give you a unique buzz every time. You can even cultivate a highly unique strain of marijuana yourself. That’s another benefit in the long line of benefits that growing marijuana offers. You can selectively breed different plants to ensure that you’re getting a particular sensation every time you smoke. Whatever you happen to prefer, there’s no question that there are plenty of options out there for you.


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3 thoughts on “Three Different Types of Marijuana

  1. Cannabis Ruderalis , Is this the source for alaskan smoke ? Such as Matanuska TF ? Here in colorado we are moving fast . So does alaskan varities , correct ? Can northern strains be culivated with good results ? We are dying to know .

  2. I got it . Ruderalis , is not hemp only . Hardly . The strain has been perfected more each year . Auto flower , autofem , auto seed , mighty mite , snowstorm are the way to get it near you . It’s the future . Embrace . I just located in CO some alaskan thunder . Magnificient ! Taste and density top notch . Covered in gold/red hairs . Looking forward to trying afganistan/ruderalis cross strain .

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