19 – Mature marijuana flowers

Marijuana mature flowers

The most difficult phase is the phase of maturation. To harvest at the best moment the marijuana plant has to be mature.


Now the calyces don’t increase rapidly any more, but they do increase greatly. Some of the calyces are turning red. The balls of resin begin to shine. They keep remain sticky and heavy.

The marijuana plant continue thickening. Due to this thickening the flowers keep growing closer together. Now they form thick and compact racemes. At this time, the odor can become a problem because it is so strong. An active carbon filter is the only right solution for this problem.


In order to rinse the minerals out of the plants, stop fertilizing the rock wool, coconut fiber or soil. Stop fertilizing two weeks before the end of the flowering period. If you use clay pellets, a week of rinsing is enough. Because the substrate is easy to clean. To obtain the quality of the product, rinsing is very important. The plant becomes too heavy to smoke and the flavor will suffer, if the plant is filled with fertilizers.  The marijuana plant will consumes all the minerals that are left in the tissues, during the period in which the plant doesn’t eat.


Rinse the substrate and let demineralized water flow over it. If there is no nutrition, the plant will use its chlorophyll supplies and that’s also why a plant turns yellow if there is a lack of nitrogen. If the plant is out of minerals, it uses chlorophyll from old leaves and converts it into energy for the benefit of the young shoots


At the peak of the flowering period, most of the pistils, around 65% will have turned red. The resin will form balls which can be seen with the naked eye. The tops of the blooms are sticky, heavy, compact and scented. When the leaves turn yellow, the plant has reached the climax of the flowering phase. Now is the time to harvest you marijuana.


During the last two weeks some leaves will turn yellow. They can be removed from now on. Only remove yellow leaves the last two weeks. If they turn yellow earlier, the plant might have a nitrogen deficiency or some other problem. The reason they turn yellow in the end is so that they can give their energy to the flowers. If they are removed while they are still green, you will get a smaller yield.

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