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Gov Jim Justice Makes West Virginia the 29th Marijuana-Legal US State

Gov Jim Justice Makes West Virginia the 29th Marijuana-Legal US State

The legalization of marijuana has been quite a hot topic for long now. The infant cannabis industry is still nothing more than a ruin. While some states in the United States have already legalized the drug, most of them have failed so far in regulating them properly. The fact that federal officials are, and have always been, against marijuana has made things even worse. It has impeded a lot of state officials to take some really good measures for the newly born marijuana industry.

Among the most recent states to join the marijuana-legal states is West Virginia. It is the 29th US state to have taken the measure. It was Gov. Jim Justice who did the honor of signing the legislature-proposed bill and allowed the use of marijuana. However, recreational use of the drug is still a gray area.

It is very rare to see words in favor of marijuana coming from an official. Jim Justice’s words ignited hope in the hearts of many who advocated the medicinal use of marijuana. It was during a brief ceremony that Jim revealed the unexpected news to the public. Then he went on to sign the bill and allowed West Virginia to join the ranks of 28 other US states.


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This wasn’t the only thing that had medical marijuana advocates rejoicing. Gov. Jim Justice gave a brief speech. His words were moving to such an extent that everyone became emotional. He talked about how medical marijuana can be of great help and how the industry needs support to build in the coming years. In his speech, Gov. Jim justice said,

“This is a day exemplifying the compassion that West Virginians have for their fellow man,”

He further went on to applaud the step taken by Michael Folk—a Republican. It was due to his assistance that the measure successfully got to move past the House of Delegates.

“It took real bravery for Michael Folk to stand up and say ‘The people need to be heard.’ And lo and behold the people did get heard.”

It was also during his speech that Gov. Justice talked about how you need to be rational while handling such senior posts. He explicitly mentioned that religious beliefs, or any other ones for that matter, must not be a factor in your decisions. They are a completely separate aspect of life.


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“You’ve got to rise above that and be a public servant. By Michael doing that, and taking that big step, we’re here today. We’re here to show basic compassion. Doctors are telling us this is a pathway to help those people.”

In other words, Gov. Jim Justice made it clear that his decision of legalizing medical marijuana is not about what he thinks of the drug, but about what the legalization attempt to bring to the state.

If the measure can do well for people, it should be acted upon. Personal opinions don’t have a place in such crucial decisions.

You don’t have to be perfect to move in the right direction. West Virginia is not a perfect state, but the direction it chose to take can be prolific for the state, its residents, and the country in the long term. There still are several restrictions regarding the production, use, and distribution of the drug, but things are expected to streamline with time.

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