January 14, 2019

January 16, 2018,

In the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois, an 11-year old girl allowed to use medical cannabis at school has made it to local news. This milestone has also set a precedent in the domain of pediatric use of MMJ. It’s important to note that Illinois’s regulation of MMJ doesn’t allow the use of medical strains in the parameters of school. With this ruling, we can hope that the MMJ laws will be made and amended with more rational approach.

Ashley Surin is a sixth-grader who is allowed to use MMJ at school. Even at the age of eleven, she already has a 9-years experience of battling against cancer. At the age of two, she got diagnosed with blood cancer (leukemia), one of the deadliest among all.

The course of her treatment went well following the remission for around seven years. But the side effects of cancer treatment have inflicted serious damage to her nervous system. Methotrexate, a medicine used in chemotherapy led to neuronal damage in her. These damages now show their severity with frequent (almost daily) seizure attacks.

Ashley Surin is a sixth-grader who is allowed to use MMJ at school
Ashley Surin is a sixth-grader who is allowed to use MMJ at school – Image powered by Trbimg.com

The kid’s parents got issued a MMJ card. From last month, the fighter kid started her MMJ course with a topical made of cannabinoid oil and skin patches. Both of these MMJ products have very insignificant amount of THC content, a notorious psychoactive chemical found in cannabis plants.

However, the medicines have certain psychoactive effects but its normal even with many other prescription drugs. Since the commencement of MMJ treatment, her seizures have been vanished with the exception of a single instance. It is a great improvement and her parents are extremely happy and satisfied with the treatment terming it as a “golden cure”.

However, Ashley had to face a huge barricade in the use of MMJ. Despite the fact that MMJ has been a legalized commodity in the state, the law doesn’t approve the use of therapeutic cannabis in the premises of educational institutes. But credit goes to Ashley’s parent, who didn’t compromise on anything and made an effective case along with their legal help.

Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana – Image powered by Marijuanastocks.com

They filed a case and challenged the provision of prohibition of MMJ products in the open spaces of schools because it was an infringement of two federal acts: Individuals With Disabilities Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Finally on last Friday, they have come to know that their efforts have borne fruit because the school officials are going to allow Ashley to administer her MMJ medicines at school.

Even though the school district has given their ruling in the favor of pediatric MMJ patients, but it will take time for Ashley to have their medications at school. The school district and the office of state’s Attorney General will finalize the legal terms of the decision. Amid all of this, it is quite encouraging that everyone is willing to work in the favor of MMJ patients. And this precedent will help hundreds of patients like Ashley to get their medicines without compromising on their education.

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