March 5, 2019

Say you want to introduce a noob to your stoner lifestyle, but are unsure where to start? What if you hand them a strain that’s way too potent for their tolerance, or one that gets them trapped in their own head. What if you are responsible for their first panic attack? That sounds like a giant buzzkill. and no one wants that. To help you avoid this, I compiled a list of some of the best strains for smoking with noobs and introducing first timers. I sure wish these had been the strains I tried when I was a noob, as opposed to the crappy ditchweed that was common at the time.


The high CBD/ low THC strain Harlequin is an excellent choice for noobs and first timers. The psychoactive effects are certainly present, but not at all overwhelming. If you are introducing someone to cannabis who is at all wary about feeling “too high”, then this is the best strain for them. The flavor is pretty tasty as well. Harlequin is most often enjoyed by medical users and is quite adept at treating things like anxiety, PTSD, and depression.


There’s nothing remotely scary about this high CBD indica cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper. The effects of this strain are extremely mild, relaxing and altogether very pleasant. Pennywise is best for treating chronic pain and arthritis, which is enough to make it a favorite of most medical users. Unlike its namesake, this strain will not keep you up at night. Noobs and first timers will also love the taste of lemons and bubblegum!

jack herer strains for noobs and first timers
Jack Herer is a great strain for noobs and first timers! Image Source: Leafly

Jack Herer

Sativa Jack Herer is a must for noobs and first timers. The effects of this strain are evenly balanced between the physical and the mental, so it won’t make you feel like you’re stuck to your couch, nor will it make you feel overly paranoid. Jack Herer is great for those who are worried that using cannabis will make them feel unmotivated. They will be pleasantly surprised when it makes them want to go on a hike, or clean out the closets. Jack Herer will make you feel remarkably in control of your mind and body. A noob cna’t ask for more than that.


This hybrid strain, bred from Trinity, Jack the Ripper and the famous Trainwreck, is known for making users feel euphoric and uplifted, as well as relaxing the body. It brings about all of the benefits of both sativas and indicas, with very few negative side effects. This strain’s lower potency makes it the perfect strain for noobs and first timers. The energetic effects will make the user feel motivated as well as happy. This strain will have noobs asking “is this what it’s like all the time?” As long as you smoke the right strain it is.


ACDC is another high CBD strain that seems like it was tailor-made for noobs and first timers. Unlike the other strains on this list ACDC, produces no psychoactive effects, which is great for those who might be wary about how using cannabis may affect their mind. The strain will make you feel something though, so don’t expect to be disappointed!

Featured Image Source: Leafly

Did I miss any other strains perfect for noobs and  first timers? Tell us about it below!

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