July 31, 2018

Dabbing is one of the most popular ways to do wax concentrates, but sometimes you’re not in the mood for a dab, or maybe you don’t care for dabs period. Maybe, sadly, you don’t have a rig, or your rig broke.That’s okay! There are many ways to enjoy dabs, that don’t involve doing dabs.  

Enjoy Dabs on Top of a Bowl

One of the most common ways to enjoy wax when you’re without a dab rig is to put it on top of a regular herb bowl. This was actually the way I used to do it before I even knew what a dab rig was. The key to doing dabs on top of a bowl is to make sure that the flame from your lighter doesn’t touch the wax. Instead hover your lighter there until it melts into a puddle, then smoke up as you normally would. It’s a great way to enjoy wax, without worrying about a dab rig!

Throw Your Dabs in a Pen

Inside of a dab pen is one of my favorite ways to enjoy dabs. I carry my pen with me everywhere I go, because as it turns out, I need a lot of pick me ups during the day. Throwing some wax in a pen before going out for the day is one of the quickest and easiest ways to enjoy dabs.

One of the best ways to enjoy dabs without a dab rig. Image Source:

Roll it Up in a Joint

Of course, no list about ways to enjoy wax without dabbing, without mentioning rolling it up into a fattie j! The first time I tried a dab joint, I was a little unsure. No, just kidding, I knew it was going to be awesome and I was so right. Now I consider joints without wax or oil in them to be boring!

Enjoy Dabs in Knife Hits

Knife hits seem to be a regional thing, specific to the west, so you may not have ever heard of taking knife hits. This is one of the only ways in which smoking resin (not rosin) is acceptable. Anyways, heat up some metal kitchen knives on the stove (butter knives work the best. After the knives are sufficiently heated, press one of the hot knives to your dab. Press it onto the other knife and inhale either directly, or the top end of a glass bottle.  

There are tons of ways to enjoy concentrates. You can bake them into edibles, turn them into tinctures, topicals, the possibilities are endless!

Featured Image Source: Ruff House Studios

How do you enjoy dabs without a dab rig? Tell us your ideas in the comments below!


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