August 13, 2018

The cannabis industry is booming, and showing no signs of stopping. The industry is even expected to overtake the manufacturing industry by 2020 in terms of job growth. With this in mind, it’s probably pretty likely that you will end up working for the cannabis industry at some point. Doesn’t sound like a bad thing though, right? There are tons of cool jobs that you can find in the industry. Dispensaries for instance, seem to be always hiring. Check out some of these dope jobs!


Budtender is one of my dream jobs, I’m not gonna lie. Budtenders as you know, are those really friendly individuals that help you find the perfect strain of weed, hook you up with the best deals, and throw in little freebies and deals at the checkout. As a budtender you get paid to basically know everything there is to know about weed.

Of course, it’s not just weed. You also have to be knowledgeable about concentrates, edibles, and of course methods of consumption. You also have to know about proper dosage for things like edibles and tinctures. In addition to all of that, you have to know all of the possible side effects of every strain of weed you offer.

Dispensary Cashier

The dispensary cashier is the one who handles the cash from the customers, checks IDs, and helps finalize the customer’s order. Dispensary cashier is more responsibility than budtender. You have to handle large amounts of cash in what can be a rather fast paced environment. Prior retail experience is recommended.

Dispensary Manager

After you’ve been a budtender for a few years, you’ll probably get a shot at managing the dispensary you work at. Being a dispensary manager comes with a lot more responsibility and is surely not as fun as being a budtender. The job comes with a number of great benefits including salary, paid vacation, and health insurance.

The job is not without its dangers. Dispensaries are often the target of robberies because of the large amounts of cash that they deal in. Luckily, some are taking plastic now, which is a huge improvement to the dispensary experience.

budtender job in cannabis industry

Extraction Technician

As an extraction technician, you’re getting up close and personal with concentrates, that is you will be operating the extraction equipment that is responsible for making all of those delectable oils and waxes you love. You would be working directly under a master extractor, the one with all of the chemistry knowledge (you have to have a PhD at the very least to become a master extractor.) An extraction technician should have some background in science, as well as engineering.


Trimmer is probably the easiest and most entry level job you can find in the cannabis industry. Most people who work in the cannabis industry, probably started out as bud trimmer. The job is pretty labor intensive and doesn’t pay as well as dispensary manager, or even budtender. On the other hand, it’s a good way to get your foot in the door.

Featured Image Source: America Magazine

Do you have a job in the cannabis industry? Have any advice for others? Tell us in the comment section below!

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