January 15, 2018

When you smoke as much weed as I do you’re probably more likely to smoke cannabis high in THC than CBD. Cannabis high in THC is the psychoactive herb that is going to get you good and baked. CBD is the non-psychoactive stuff that you only smoke when you have medical issues, so there’s no point in smoking the CBD strains, right? Actually, the CBD strains can make you feel amazing too, but in a different way than THC. So let my tell you why I love CBD.

It’s A Great Muscle Relaxer

Even if you don’t have issues with chronic pain, you would be amazed at how great smoking a joint of Charlotte’s Web makes you feel. I fell and twisted my ankle right before Thanksgiving, and it hurt horribly, but not enough for me to go visit the doctor on my meager health insurance. Instead of going to a doctor I smoked a joint of Charlotte’s Web, a CBD strain commonly used to treat seizure disorders and all of my pain went away. I felt amazing after smoking that joint.

I Still Felt Amazing

When I smoked that joint of Charlotte’s Web I felt different than I would have after smoking a joint of THC herb. I felt amazing. I have smoked weed for a long time, and I have smoked many of the wonderful strains that this world has had to offer. The feeling that I got from smoking that CBD joint made me feel so at peace with the world, and I felt cognizant with my surroundings. There was none of the paranoia that can come from strictly THC strains.

I Slept Like A Baby

I’ve smoked plenty of hybrid CBD and THC strains that have promised me a good night’s sleep, but I’ve never slept as well as I have after smoking a good CBD joint. If you are having problems with getting to sleep on time, then you should definitely try some CBD. If all you’re looking for is the feeling of complete relaxation, then this is definitely the way to go.

Maybe You’re Not Looking For A High

This might sound weird, but there are other reasons to smoke cannabis without getting stoned. Using CBD will cure health issues that you didn’t even know that you had. CBD helps with things like inflammation, digestive issues, muscle cramps, and even simple headaches. For those occasions when you’re not looking to get baked but you need some relief, cannabis can still help.

It’s A Nice Balance

Mixing two different strains of CBD and THC honestly creates a nice balance. There are benefits of smoking THC and smoking CBD, so it’s great to be able to mix the two together. This is why hybrid strains are becoming more popular, and why I’m starting to prefer them.You might not be able to notice the effects of CBD as much as THC, but trust me when I say that they are there. CBDs are a lot more like vitamins in the way that they help you, but the benefits are not as noticeable. This is why I love CBD.

Image Source: Medical Jane

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So you know why I love CBD. Why do you love CBD? Share in the comments!

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