September 7, 2018

Looking to find the cannabis job of your dreams? Of course you are because a lot of us want to work in the cannabis industry. Why not? Most cannabis industry jobs pay fairly decent, and pretty chill. It certainly seems better than getting paid to get yelled at by sweaty strangers when you put too much lettuce on their sandwich. So how do you go about finding the cannabis industry job that is right for you? Luckily, there are plenty of resources for finding the cannabis industry job you were meant to do!


Leafbuyer is quite the amazing site. They not only show you the closest dispensaries in your immediate area and show you where you can find all of your favorite strains, edibles, and assorted goods. They also have a pretty slick cannabis job board that allows you to search for cannabis industry jobs based on your zip code.


Vangsters was launched by 24 year old Karson Humiston, who founded Vangst Talent Network when she was still just in college. Vangsters has connected over 3000 people with jobs in the cannabis industry. Time once called them the Monster.com of Weed.

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Image Source: Berkshire Eagle

420 Careers

420 Careers allows you to search for jobs using a keyword search, so if you, for example want a job as a budtender, you would enter “budtender” along with your location. There’s also a handy little filter that tells you whether or not this job is part time, full time, or freelance. As far as cannabis job boards go, this one is probably the most user friendly.

THC University

THC University is more than simply a cannabis job board. It’s an online certification program that allows you to get the training you need to work at pretty much any cannabis industry job you would want. They offer certification on things like growing, safety and regulations by state, and business certification.


Ganjapreneur, which specializes in cannabis industry news is a great resource for anyone who works or runs a cannabusiness. There’s a collection of blogs, podcasts and articles about cryptocurrency. It’s also highly useful as a job board too, allowing you to connect with potential employers and applicants.

Image Source: Massroots

How did you find the cannabis industry job of your dreams? Tell us your story in the comments!

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