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Big Band Strain

According to Kannabia Seeds, an overlooked terpene profile is often an issue among growers purchasing a new variety for the first time. The company decided to develop a high-yieldi[...]

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Queso Strain

Queso is an irresistible strain to smoke. Its flavors which strongly resemble that of the universally loved cheese melt in the mouth and entice the palate. Not only that, it delive[...]

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Amnesi-K Lemon Strain

There are a ton of Amnesia varieties and a wealth of lemon varieties on the market, but none will satisfy you as much as Amnesi-K Lemon by Kannabia Seeds in Spain. It’s super[...]

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Mataro Blue Strain

Mataro Blue is an internationally renowned feminized cannabis seed from Kannabia with the biggest, heaviest blueberry buds you have ever encountered. Shimmering like a bag full of [...]

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