January 14, 2019

Just a few months ago, people of the state of Florida voted for the legalization of medical marijuana. That was not because everyone was looking forward to getting high or derive pleasure out of it. It was simply because researches conducted by medical scientists prove that marijuana and cannabis would be useful in diminishing the pain experienced by people suffering from epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, Crohn’s disease, PTSD and many other diseases too. But Floridians were taken aback when they found out that the ‘Office of Compassionate Use’ is trying – or should we use the word ‘plotting’ – to change the rules of ‘Amendment 2’.

‘Amendment 2’ which is also known as ‘Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative’ was passed with a whopping 71% votes on 8th November last year. The Amendment gave doctor’s the right to prescribe medical marijuana to patients that are terminally ill and have less than a year left to live. But it seems that the grizzled bureaucrats turned a deaf ear when they all were hearing the testimony and plea of ordinary people and people suffering from those diseases.

Restrict Medical Marijuana
Restrict Medical MarijuanaImage powered by Potnetwork.com

The Office of Compassionate Use, rather than implementing the rules, is now trying to alter the amendment that would give the Office power and authority to overturn the doctor’s prescription of medical marijuana. The new rules also state that the patient, who has been prescribed medical marijuana, could only use it after seeking the approval of the Office of Compassionate Use, which would at least take 90 days. Well, it seems that the Office of Compassionate Use do not understand the meaning of the word ‘compassion’.

Medical Marijuana in Florida
Medical Marijuana in FloridaImage powered by Bizj.us

The cheapest and the easiest way to take marijuana is through smoking it but, under the new rules amended by the Office of Compassionate Use, the patients could not smoke medical marijuana rather they would be required to buy exorbitant pills. A leading newspaper of Florida also pointed out that the Medical Marijuana, which is a billion dollar industry with a lot of growth potential, would have a high barrier to entry under the new rules, which in turn would create an oligarchy of few politically influential businessmen.

In an event, organized by the University of South Florida, people from all walks of life implored the officials from Health Department of Florida that they should not create too many obstacles and restriction for the people who truly are in desperate need of medical marijuana rather they should show some sign of compassion. Otherwise, Floridian’s would start to grow cannabis in their backyards!

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  1. By David Biron

    ,08 Mar 2018
    Why can't Florida Politicians do what the constituents who voted them in office asked for? The Medical Marijuana program is completely screwed up. They weren't the first state to legalize Medical Marijuana and have plenty of states running programs very […]Read More

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