January 14, 2019

April 24, 2018, New York

New Yorkers are unlucky that they couldn’t celebrate 4/20 like their fellow countrymen from California and we all know the reason. However, one senator from the state has shared a comprehensive plan on cannabis reforms at 4/20. Chuck Schumer is a Democratic senator from New York. In a recent interview, Schumer openly talked about his views on the topic of cannabis. We are summing up his interview in few key points.

He Wants no Federal Intervention

The senator has made it clear that he is totally against the federal involvement when it comes to the criminalization of cannabis. He also thinks that cannabis should be decriminalized as its consumption is not directly affecting or hurting anybody else.

Track Record of Legal States has Changed his Cannabis Stance

Chuck Schumer is a Democratic senator from New York
Chuck Schumer is a Democratic senator from New York – Image powered by Villagevoice.com

He says that he has closely followed the legalization measures and their implications in Washington and other states. He has come to the conclusion that marijuana legalization has only done well for these states. These on the ground examples have helped in burying his reservations regarding legalization. He thinks that statewide legalization programs are a success story and the next step is to take it to the national level.

Decriminalization: More About Commonsense Than Marijuana

Schumer has made very strong points in the favor of decriminalization. He says that even meager possession of cannabis has ruined many lives. Color communities are the most affected by cannabis related prosecutions. He also thinks that imprisoning people on this petty crime and killing their productive contribution to the society also hurts the country in the grand scheme of things.

Cannabis advocates frequently point out that decriminalization of cannabis will reduce the overwork of law enforcement agencies and courts so that they can invest their energies in curbing more serious crimes.

He is Introducing Proposal to Decriminalize Cannabis at Federal Level

Schumer is very vocal about the social justice that is being denied by disproportionate marijuana laws. However, his proposal is not talking about rectifying mistakes of the past. For that, he is lending his support for Marijuana Justice Act, introduced by Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey.

He thinks that both legislations are introduced with noble intentions. One is to rectify the past mistakes to console people who have been unfairly punished, and the other is to look forward and make it certain that such injustices don’t carry on in the future.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer – Image powered by Fortune.com

No Hidden Motives

Schumer has also made it clear that he is not advocating decriminalization and marijuana reforms because of any ulterior motive. He hasn’t offered a lucrative position in any marijuana company. Neither is he doing just to enrage Jeff Sessions.

It is good to see that lawmakers from the states like New York, where marijuana laws are very stringent, are having a change of heart. It is very important to have more pro-cannabis lawmakers in state and national legislatures for pertinent reforms. Let’s hope that we get to see some legislative manifestation of Senator Schumer’s ideas regarding cannabis reforms.

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  1. By Rick Houston

    ,28 Apr 2018
    Good information ! Thank you sir
  2. By Its420sumwhere

    ,02 May 2018
    I wouldn't care if he was pro just to piss off Sessions or any other reason. As long as he is pro legalization he needs a big pat on the back. We need more federal supporters like him but at […]Read More

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